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Blue Peter legend Peter Duncan launches Panto Online

Peter Duncan‘Blue Peter’ legend Peter Duncan launches Panto Online, the UK’s first pantomime filmed entirely on location,
to be watched online by families over Christmas.

It is a national tragedy that pantomimes in theatres across the land have been cancelled this year. Panto is as much a part of Christmas as turkey and all the trimmings, Father Christmas and Carols. We sincerely hope our traditional production of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ will be a great Christmas event for all the family to look forward to watch together and at the same time raise money for five charities” – Peter Duncan.

Peter has assembled a talented cast of actors and top creative team and is using his own massive back garden in South London to film ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, a socially distanced pantomime complete with ingenious sets, fabulous costumes and even a real beanstalk!

This Christmas, from 4 December, Panto Online will stream ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ directly into homes for the perfect family treat. It promises boos, hisses, lots of ‘he’s behind yous’, a sing-a-long song and all the classic panto antics that we love.

Tickets are now on sale at www.pantoonline.co.uk for a special early bird price of £15
The panto will be available for you to watch as many times as you want between December 4 and January 10.

Giant Blunderbore is in a terrible rage. He shouts from above threatening to eat any villager who won’t pay their rent. Poor Dame Trott has to sell her precious cow ‘Buttercup’ and sends her son Jack to the cow market. All he comes back with is a worthless bag of beans. Jill, the grumpy Squire’s daughter is kidnapped by the Giants dogsbody Fleshcreepy and taken to the castle in the clouds. Will Jack be the hero, climb the beanstalk, rescue his girlfriend and save the world from the human chomping ogre. Only the magical Garden Fairy knows the answer to that…

Join in and enjoy this new online planet-saving pantomime packed with songs, laughter and great spectacle.

Profits from Panto Online will be supporting six fantastic charities and youth projects:

POhWer (www.pohwer.net)
Clothe Me – Thank you (www.clothingcollective.org)
British Youth Music Theatre (britishyouthmusictheatre.org)
Prost8 (www.prost8.org.uk)
Scouts (www.scouts.org.uk)
Best Beginnings (www.bestbeginings.org.uk)

Peter Duncan (Dame Trott), Ian Talbot (Squire Shortshanks), Sam Ebeneezer (Jack Trott), Sarah Moss (JILL SHORTSHANKS), Nicola Blackman (The Garden Fairy), Jos Vantyler (Fleshcreepy), Yuval Shvartsman (Giant Blunderbore), Josh Freeman (Wolf Beast)

Charlie Booker, Matthew Dawkins, Daisy English, Bessy Ewa, Ben Westhead, Morgan Wilcox

Creative Team:
Writer/Director Peter Duncan, Executive Producer/Director Ian Talbot, Producer/Production Manager Denise Silvey, Musical Director Colin Cattle, Choreographer Julia Redburn, Set & Props Design Peter Humphrey, Cameraman Luke Roberts, Sound Matthew Case, Wardrobe Master/Costume Makes David Morgan, Production Coordinator Annie Francis, Publicist Kevin Wilson, Marketing Emma Martin, Assistant to the Producer Daisy English.

Peter’s website is heresoneimadeearlier.com
Twitter @peterduncans

A Beginners Guide to Panto…
For any of you who might not see a pantomime every year here is our little ‘how-to-panto’ guide for you!
Say hello to the Fairy when she asks…’Hello’
Boo the Baddie when he’s bad…Boo!
Shout at the screen when ‘It’s behind you’
If someone says ‘Oh yes it is’ – You say ‘Oh no it’s not’
If you feel sorry for someone go Ahhh…
Help defeat Giant Blunderbore by shouting this football chant:
“He’s green. He stinks. He’s only got one eye Blunderbore! Blunderbore!”
Ask your parents to have sweets ready for you to catch when they are thrown out of your viewing device.

Early bird ticket: £15
Early bird family ticket (including online activity pack): £25
When booked before until 30 September 2020
Coming soon: Concessions for Schools, Scouts, Guides, Care Homes, Unemployed and
Key Workers.
For groups and schools
packages please contact us directly at info@pantoonline.co.uk


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