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‘Boys in the Buff’ installs latest UVC technology in the fight against Covid

Theatre is currently devastated by the effects of the Omicron COVID variant, with dozens of productions in the West End and around the country forced to close.

Richard Lambert with the portable unit
Richard Lambert with the portable unit

‘BOYS IN THE BUFF’ has not had to cancel any shows at the Drayton Arms Theatre in South Kensington. How long this can continue is an ongoing concern for Executive Producer Richard Lambert of Lambco Productions.

Lambert is determined to do everything possible to keep the performers in work and provide a safe environment for the audience and performers while producing fun entertainment for the Christmas season.

With an Honours Degree in electrical engineering, he searched for solutions to keep everyone safe so the show can continue, and he has now invested in the latest UVC equipment from Entec Sound and Light, a major weapon in the fight against COVID.

Between and during every performance, the combined UVC and HEPA device recommended by Entec UVC SafeClean cleans the air to ensure it remains fresh and any virus load built up is minimised.

Once the theatre is empty, the machine is put on maximum power to increase the number of air changes an hour. The machine can be remotely turned on by a mobile phone app and its sweep begins, monitored on the app.

Lambert says “This is a powerful way to stop the spread of COVID. This machine focusses on killing the viruses in the air which is the predominant method that COVID can be spread. Anything and everything we can do to keep theatre live and open we will do! We’re not going down without a fight!!!

This system is much more effective and flexible than traditional foggers which fail to clean the air and actually put dangerous chemical into the atmosphere. UVC is natural light and is far more environmentally safe, clinically proven to kill all viruses and can be left running at all times – while cast and audiences are present. It is silent, odourless and everything remains dry so the theatre is immediately available for the next performance.

Doctor David Lawrence the medical advisor to Entec UVC SafeClean added “I have been convinced about the role of UVC in medical settings and the wider world long before COVID. This is a great example how by making this amazing and proven technology accessible we are helping sectors like the arts, hospitality, education and businesses keep going whatever new variants arise.”

An alternative to a traditional pantomime, with adult themes, ‘Boys in the Buff’is the perfect festive show for having some fun with your friends. You will leave with an enhanced self-worth, a song in your heart and share a few laughs along the way. As Diana and her boys sing, dance and tell stories about self-confidence, body image, and society’s unreasonably high expectations on our appearance, they share personal stories and dare each other to reveal more of themselves as the evening progresses.

Award-winning The Garden Theatre is to present ‘Boys in the Buff’ indoors at Christmas-themed Drayton Arms Theatre, 153 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 0LJ to 9 January 2022.

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With several *Clothing Optional* performances for everyone – including the audience.


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