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Full casting for Matilda the Musical Cambridge Theatre

Matilda The MusicalThe current cast of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Matilda The Musical at the Cambridge Theatre London.

‘Writer Dennis Kelly and composer and lyricist Tim Minchin go to the top of the class with this anarchically joyous, gleefully nasty and ingenious musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s story‘ – The Observer

Matilda The Musical is the multi-award winning musical from the Royal Shakespeare Company, inspired by the beloved book by the incomparable Roald Dahl.

Winner of over 85 international awards, including 16 for Best Musical, Matilda continues to delight audiences in London, Australia and on tour around the USA.

Meet The Matildas – Royal Shakespeare Company’s Matilda The Musical

This is my second outing to this show, having first seen it three years ago: I mustn’t leave it so long until my third. The huge set, plays on words, skilful choreography and engrossing acting combine to provide a more than satisfying experience to be enjoyed by all. It’s as much of a work of genius as Matilda herself.
5-stars by Chris Omaweng



  • Keisha Amponsa Banson as Mrs Phelps
  • Richard Astbury As Ensemble, Henchman
  • Gina Beck As Miss Honey
  • Marianne Benedict As Mrs Wormwood
  • David Birch As Michael Wormwood
  • Tom Edden As Mr Wormwood
  • Maria Graciano As Cook, Ensemble
  • Karina Hind As Swing
  • Peter Houston As Henchman
  • Katie Lee As Assistant Dance Captain, Swing
  • Kris Manuel As The Escapologist
  • Bryan Mottram As Henchman
  • Tom Muggeridge As Dance Captain, Deputy Gym Captain, Swing
  • Emma Robotham-Hunt As Swing
  • David Shannon As Miss Trunchbull
  • Simon Shorten As Children’s Entertainer, Sergei
  • Biancha Szynal As Acrobat
  • Vicki Lee Taylor As Henchwoman
  • Callum Train As Rudolpho
  • Robert Tregoning As Gym Captain


  • Nicholas Antoniou-Tibbitts – Bruce
  • Bill Bekele – Nigel
  • Joe Butler-Smith – Bruce
  • Omar Cain-Francis – Nigel
  • Halle Cassell – Lavender
  • Jessica Chalmers – Amanda
  • Lucy Cheesman – Alice
  • Hari Coles – Eric
  • Archie Durrant – Bruce
  • Lily-Mae Evans – Matilda
  • Liberty Greig – Lavender
  • Sebastian Harry – Tommy
  • Lauren Henson – Hortensia
  • Callum Hudson – Eric
  • Vaidile Jonikas – Hortensia
  • Tilda Marriage Massey – Alice
  • Mia Mcloughlin – Amanda
  • Emma Moore – Matilda
  • Miller Morris – Eric
  • Palmer Newson – Alice
  • Kacy O’sullivan – Amanda
  • Rocco Peacock – Tommy
  • Kitty Peterkin – Matilda
  • Savannah Read – Matilda
  • Lottie Refet – Lavender
  • Tori Louise Ryan – Hortensia
  • Martin Soosaipillai – Bruce
  • Will Tarpey – Nigel
  • Alex Wenham – Tommy
  • Sherry Baines as Mrs Boyle
  • Liam Jefford as Christopher Wren
  • George Evans as Detective-Sergeant Trotter
  • Benedick Blythe as Major Metcalf
  • Harriet Leitch as Miss Casewell
  • Jonathan Tafler as Mr Paravicini
  • Ed Pinker as Giles Ralston
  • Ellie Burrow as Mollie Ralston

Matilda the Musical
Cambridge Theatre
Earlham Street,
London WC2H 9HU

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