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Coronavirus: 20+ things to do at home during lockdown

Bigjigs Toys Wooden Table Top TheatreWith this coronavirus making people spend more time at home, either with their loved ones or on their own – here are a few suggestions of things to do.

    1. Read a book – a real book or download on Kindle – lots of free ones!
      Maybe now is the time to revisit those printed books that you never got around to reading or maybe re-read some of those books that you have read before.
      Amazon’s Kindle is a fantastic way to read classics and new works – whether you buy a new book or download one of the many free ones. To check out the free ones – and there are many classics! To find the freebies – Search for books in the Kindle Section – using either one of the category names or use your own initiative – “Classics” “Crime” “Romance” etc – and then ‘SORT BY PRICE LOW TO HIGH’ – The free ones are just below the sponsored ads. Visit Amazon Here.
    2. There are a LOT of free books here!
    3. Watch a film or tv series
      There are so many films to watch either on your subscription services or free ones.
      BBC iPlayer – there are quite a few box sets of different genres
    4. Find something to watch on YouTube – there is so much great content on youtube.
    5. EXERCISE – Find some music to move or dance along to – or even check out an exercise programme – YouTube is great for finding free resources.
    6. Watch theatre or performing arts
      Watch Theatre Online or at Home – Musicals, Plays, Drama, Opera, Ballet
      Lots of links to resources…
    7. Learn a Language
      Learn a language for free. Forever.
    8. Do some gardening – go for a walk if advised by government guidelines.
      If you have a garden – or even a window box – or maybe consider getting yourself an indoor plant or two?
    9. Explore online virtual tours
      Stuck at Home? These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours
      How to explore London’s top museums from home
    10. Arts and Culture
    11. Five Minute MumTalk to someone you live with or pick up the phone, chat online or Skype. Don’t be alone.
    12. Have a tidy up
      Okay, not everyone’s choice – but it can be a feelgood factor – a sense of achievement.
    13. Sit and relax
      There are times when you just need to sit down and do nothing – rest the mind and body.
    14. Watch and listen to some nature programmes.
      If you can’t go out and see nature the find a nature programme to watch – there are so many free ones either on tv or online. Or maybe listen to sounds on Youtube or elsewhere – birdsong, streams or the sound of the sea.
    15. Listen to your favourite songs – and maybe sing along!
      And maybe even get out your air-guitar, even it is a bit dusty.
    16. Play a board game or cards with family?
    17. Relax with Yoga!
    18. Try out Origami – There are many resources online
    19. Make a model bird – these are awesome!
    20. Play chess with a family member a friend online or against a computer
    21. If you have a pet then spend some time with them. Chill out together.
    22. Play Sudoku
    23. Play an online game – Just search for “Online Games”
    24. Free Online Courses
      10 Creative Online Courses You Can Take for Free Online
  1. Celebrities Share Their Musical Gifts to Help You Get Through Self-Quarantine
  2. Remember to eat, drink and sleep to keep healthy.
  3. Visit our Amazon page here for some more ideas
  4. A list of free, online, boredom-busting resources!
  5. Free books on Audible
  6. Lots of free programmes https://archive.org/
  7. New online ideas from comedians to help with the lockdown boredom.
  8. The Skills Toolkit Free digital and numeracy courses to build your skills. 
  9. Pencils & Plums is an easy-to-use website with thousands of creative drawing ideas for kids of all ages.
  10. FutureLearn: Explore online courses to continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts.


Okay, now it is your turn – add your suggestions in the comments below?


4 thoughts on “Coronavirus: 20+ things to do at home during lockdown”

  1. Carol Goldberg

    If you can get the ingredients – make your own bread. Very therapeutic and can get help rid of any aggression

  2. Penny Nelemans

    Are there any play scripts on line, preferably for the whole family, adults and children?

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