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Dandelion at the King’s Head Theatre

Dandelion Rehearsal Photo
Dandelion Rehearsal Photo

Margate, 1988. Clause 28 has just been introduced, making ‘the promotion of homosexuality’ illegal in schools. But what does that really mean for 16-year-old Claire, who’s just had an unexpected kiss? Or for her teacher Ann, who’s determined to lead a ‘normal’ life with her girlfriend? With their stories interwoven, Claire and Ann are both trying to find their place in a society that’s enforcing their silence. 30 years on from Clause 28, Dandelion explores the fall-out from this damaging legislation. Written by Jennifer Cerys and directed by Adriana Sanford, Dandelion is the latest production from all-female theatre company, Paperclip Theatre.

DANDELION is the latest production from Paperclip Theatre. Marking 30 years since the introduction of Clause 28, DANDELION will explore queer history on stage, with Paperclip Theatre working to put the narrative of lesbian and bisexual women front and centre. This feminist theatre collective is made up of women who have found each other through a genuine passion to create theatre that tells stories which place women at the heart of their own narrative.

The idea for the show first came at the beginning of the year, with it being 30 years since Clause 28 was introduced. To learn more about this period in queer history, we were lucky enough to speak to some of the lesbian activists who campaigned against the Clause, and we immersed ourselves in documentaries and archives! As the legislation made the promotion of homosexuality illegal in schools, we knew quite early on we wanted to set it in a school and as we spoke to more people who experienced the effects of Clause 28, the characters then gradually began to form. We decided to interweave the characters of student Claire and her teacher Ann, to reflect people at different stages of discovering their sexuality, and to show how these characters are experiencing similar oppression but this legislation means they can’t speak to each other about it or support each other through that experience. We’re now in rehearsals and on 16th & 17th December, you’ll find us performing at the King’s Head!
Paperclip Theatre

Dandelion follows 16-year-old Claire and her teacher Ann, with Claire discovering her sexuality for the first time and Ann being in a committed same-sex relationship for years. We see how legislation made in Westminster had such a silencing effect on people far removed from politics, and just wanted to go about their daily lives. The play shows how it’s a privilege to be able to ignore what’s happening in parliament, and the impact Clause 28 had on the lives of people who just dared to be themselves.
Paperclip Theatre

Written by Jennifer Cerys
Directed and Produced by Adriana Sanford
Starring Chaiyan Chambers-Paul, Lauren Douglin,
Kimberley Jarvis, Sarah Logue, Katrina McKeever,
Christina Ngoyi, Orla O’Sullivan, Katie Shalka,
Natasha Stiven, Matilda Wood

DANDELION will be showing at the
King’s Head Theatre on:
Sunday 16th December 7pm-8.20pm
Monday 17th December 7pm-8.20pm


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