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David Hunter launches Silver Lining EP

Silver LiningsAfter eight years away from the recording studio, West End star David Hunter has released an EP of five original songs entitled ‘Silver Linings’. We caught up with David to find out more about his latest release and why we’ve had to wait so long to hear it…

Q: Can you tell us how you decided on the 5 tracks for the EP?
David: I was choosing from eight years worth of songs, so it was always going to be tricky. The five I chose just felt like they belonged on the same record. They’re like a little dysfunctional family – all totally different, but they’ve got the same nose.

Q: Can you give us a brief insight into each of the tracks?
David: I wrote Clowns in 2010 just as my band broke up (with me!), so it’s still got that band feel – big, driving drums and an anthemic chorus.

Fleeting Beat is a little bopper from 2012. It’s quite a melancholy lyric, but with a really bouncy groove. It’s a song about taking stock and moving on.

Waterfall is as close as I get to a ballad on the EP. I wrote this while I was in Once the Musical in 2014 and only remembered the lyrics the day before we recorded it!

I wrote Sweet Sound for my wife, or rather wife-to-be, and played it for her on our Wedding Day in 2016. It’s a promise.

And finally, A Thousand Red Balloons is a dedication to a hero of mine, Howard, who sadly is no longer with us. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him and it felt fitting to include this song.

Q: What is the process where you put together a song?
David: When my life wasn’t so busy, I’d sit down with my guitar and just sing whatever came out of my mouth for hours on end. I’d keep the bits I liked and add to them, refining the lyrics and defining the structure as I went. My Grandpa makes wood carvings (stick with me) and he always says he imagines the finished piece is already inside the block of wood and it’s his job to chip away and uncover it. I kind of think of songwriting in a similar way. I love chipping away at a song, solving its problems and uncovering what it’s meant to be.

Q: Do you have a set timescale or put a song together ‘when you can’?
David: When I can. Which isn’t that often now I have a toddler to keep me busy! The reason this EP is a collection of songs from the last eight years is that I couldn’t possibly sit down and write five songs right now. Being in Kinky Boots every night and entertaining a toddler every day barely leaves me time to eat, let alone write!

Q: Which one is your own personal favourite and why?
David: Ouch! That’s hard. I reckon if I had to choose, I’d go with Fleeting Beat. I love the groove. To be honest, though, I’m really excited to see what everyone else likes. These songs have buzzed around my head for eight years, I can’t wait to release them into the wild.

Q: Who has been your inspiration for music?
David: I grew up on American Pop/Rock bands like Train and Maroon 5 as well as more acoustic led stuff by Jason Mraz and John Mayer. I think I’m made up of a combination of those artists, wrapped in a little Northern bow.

Q: Who is on your current ‘daily playlist’?
David: I’m listening to The Wandering Hearts debut album at the moment. My great friend and the Producer of the EP, Tim Prottey-Jones, is part of the band and I’ve basically fallen in love with them! They play a kind of modern Country/Americana. Give them a listen.

David Hunter (Charlie Price) and Verity Rushworth (Lauren) in Kinky Boots at the Adelphi Theatre, photo by Matt Crockett
David Hunter (Charlie Price) and Verity Rushworth (Lauren) in Kinky Boots at the Adelphi Theatre, photo by Matt Crockett

Q: Who would be your top 3 for having a duet with – and which song?
David: I’ll go for John Mayer, The Wandering Hearts (I’d happily play triangle to be in that band) and finally my mate Danny Curwen who I used to gig with all the time before I selfishly moved 200 miles away. I’d rudely insist we all cover songs from my EP.

Q: Why should everyone get out and buy Silver Linings?
David: I’m about to have a second child, so I could do with the extra cash.

David Hunter: Fleeting Beat (intro) from Silver Linings EP

Q: While you are here – can you tell us about your current role in Kinky Boots and life in the show?
David: Of course! I play Charlie Price in the West End production and have been doing so for the best part of two years now. I’ve never been involved with a show for this long and that’s testament to how much I’m enjoying it. The show is so full of heart, it becomes a little addictive – for fans and cast members alike. We have such a blast every night, come along and join us for one!

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