Frances Mayhew to step down as artistic director – Wilton’s Music Hall

Wilton's Music Hall.
Wilton’s Music Hall. Photo Credit Helene Binet

Following the successful completion of the building work to save Wilton’s Music Hall, Frances Mayhew will step down as artistic director on October 6th 2015.

For the last 11 years saving Wilton’s has been all-consuming. A personal passion, and a professional mission. This extraordinary building was literally falling down when I first arrived, however, its outstanding beauty and charm and enormous historical significance were plain to see, despite the tumbling masonry, and I knew pretty much straight away that I had to find a way of securing its future long term.

It is with no little sense of achievement that I can now say: “We did it”. Wilton’s is saved. The job is done. And so too is my job. It is time to move on and try new things and maybe have a little rest!

I have loved being here, the joy it brings people who come here is the same joy that it has given me. I have had the privilege of working with some wonderful staff members and I have enjoyed the support of some wonderful colleagues and my family to all of whom I say a big thank you. Wilton’s I hope will now spread its wonderful wings and fulfil all its amazing potential. I shall miss the place!” – Frances Mayhew

Frances Mayhew has been the inspiration and driving force behind the conservation of Wilton’s Music Hall. She has worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the project and together with her team should be proud of what she has achieved. Not only has Frances played the leading part in saving Wilton’s but she has built up a sustainable business model which will ensure that Wilton’s continues to develop and grow its role as ‘A Music Hall for the Modern Day’.

All at Wilton’s wish Frances every success in her future career. Her energy and enthusiasm will be a challenge to replace.” – David Pennock, Chairman of Trustees

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