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Interview with director Niall Phillips

Rehearsal shot of IN/OUT (A FEELING) with director Niall Phillips and actor Alex Reynolds.
Rehearsal shot of IN/OUT (A FEELING) with director Niall Phillips and actor Alex Reynolds. Photo by Seb Higgins.

Niall Phillips is currently directing Lonesome Schoolboy Productions’ In/Out (A Feeling) (nominated for Best New Play at the Off West End Awards), which runs at The Hope Theatre from 12th to 30th January 2016.

In/Out (A Feeling) is an explosive exploration into London’s sex trade, told through the perspective of the consumer and supplier. 

From the recent review by LondonTheatre1’s Chris Omaweng: I recommend this production, and can only echo the words of a theatregoer who attended a preview performance: “Just go see it!” Read the full review here

Niall recently took time out from his busy schedule to answer a few questions about In/Out (A Feeling).

What can you tell us about In/Out (A Feeling)?
It’s wonderful. It’s a play I was sent by Andrew Maddock, the writer of the ME PLAYS at The Old Red Lion. I was absorbed, shocked and gripped. My company jumped on the chance to produce a gem of a play such as this. It’s dark, fast and beautiful. The actors, the creative team and The Hope Theatre are a perfect match. It’s the best thing I’ve ever worked on. I’m never that complimentary.

What is unique about IN/OUT (A feeling)?
The passion. From everyone involved. The drive. The rise of this play, from my front room to the stage. It’s been a journey like no other. It’s been hard but every step has been worth it. The actual script is unreal – so good (AND NOW NOMINATED FOR BEST NEW PLAY AT THE OFF WEST END AWARDS), the story and language are like nothing I’ve ever worked on. The story is heart-breaking and needs to be told, again and again. The reaction so far seems to agree. I’ve loved it. Being a part of the whole process and sharing it with an audience.

Have there been any particular challenges you have faced with this production?
The pace and the energy. We were very lucky to get Nic and Alex on board. Two incredible actors that have been a pleasure to work with. There buzz is exactly what the play needs. Challenges are limited when the rehearsal process is so creative and fun.

How does IN/OUT relate to the real world? Or, how should the real world relate to IN/OUT?
Sex trafficking is a real and terrifying issue. It’s current; it’s happening now. Today. In London. I’m not ok with that. So it relates to my world. My London. This play should raise awareness and make people understand that it’s not ok. Not acceptable. In the rehearsal process I learnt so much. So much that now I know I’m not ok with. I want the audience to feel the same.

Why should everyone get along to see IN/OUT (A Feeling)
It’s new writing at its best. It’s fresh and story telling of the highest order. Also I’m there. Every night. I’m a laugh and love to create debate about current issues. Also, downstairs the pub is ace and the drinks are cheap.

Interview by Neil Cheesman

Niall Phillips.
Artistic Director – Lonesome Schoolboy Productions
Associate Director – Drayton Arms Theatre
Course Leader – Actors Alive, Omnibus Arts Centre
Acting Tutor – Young Actors Theatre
Acting Tutor – Halfmoon Theatre
Phone – 07825213405
Twitter – @niallpxx


In/Out (A Feeling) is an explosive exploration into London’s sex trade, told through the perspective of the consumer and supplier. Ollie is a man lost in a world of recreational drug use and health issues, Blue is a woman lost in our world. Together they share a feeling. They just don’t know how to let it out.

Alex Reynolds as Blue
Nicholas Clarke as Ollie
Producer Lonesome Schoolboy
Director Niall Phillips
Casting Director Lucy Hollis
Press & PR Lauren Gauge PR

At The Hope Theatre, Islington, N1 1RL


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