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Interview with Hannah Sinclair Robinson – Shakespeare In The Squares

As You Like It 2018. Jack Brett (Orlando). Credit - James Millar Photography.
As You Like It 2018. Jack Brett (Orlando). Credit – James Millar Photography.

Shakespeare In The Squares annual production is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Directed by Tatty Hennessy, it will play across London’s private squares and gardens, opening at Arundel and Ladbroke Gardens on 25th June and running until 11th July 2019.

Shakespeare’s wild play of love and magic is transplanted to 1920s Britain, a country bruised by battle and economic hardship where our lovers chafe against the constraints and conventions of an older generation and seek to find freedom in the forest. There they stumble upon a riotous world untouched by time, still reveling in illusion. Moonlight suffuses this drama, bringing romance and a touch of madness – even in an oppressive world, all manner of things can happen under cover of night.

Hannah Sinclair Robinson renews her collaboration with Shakespeare in the Squares as Helena/Flute, having appeared in Romeo and Juliet. Her theatre credits include Water Bread and Salt (Tangle International), Timothy (VAULT Festival) and Border Control (UK tour). Her television credits include Killer Cops; and for film, Urban Decay.

Hannah recently answered a few questions about Shakespeare In The Squares.

Q: What attracted you most to be a part of Shakespeare In The Squares this summer?
Hannah: I had worked with Shakespeare in the Squares previously in 2017 on their production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and it was just such a joyous experience, that I’ve wanted to work with the company again since. It’s such an amazing way to spend your summer.

Q: A Midsummer Night’s Dream will “play across London’s private squares and gardens“. Can you tell us about
Hannah: So we tour around some of THE most beautiful (usually private) gardens that I have ever seen. Honestly, they are stunning, and they open them up to the public for our shows. Our audiences can come into the gardens or squares a while before the show and have a picnic or grab a drink from one of our vendors or sponsors. Then minutes before the show begins, they can take a seat and let the fun begin.

Q: How does performing outside compare with working on a conventional stage?
Hannah: There are a few challenges with performing outdoors compared to being inside a theatre. The main one I would say would be making sure you can be heard, it’s very easy for your voice to get lost in the space. You’re usually battling street noise, airplanes, birds, police or ambulance sirens, even people shouting or joining in from the street. You’ve just got to go with it really, make sure you do a solid vocal warm up and project your voice so that those at the back can hear you. You can even incorporate any loud distractions into your performance, give the audience a unique experience.
Inside a theatre, you don’t tend to have those problems you can either have a mic or judge the space and adjust
your vocal energy accordingly.

Q: You play the parts of Helena/Flute – can you tell us about them?
Hannah: Helena is an amazingly intelligent woman and so desperately in love. As our story is set in the 1920s, she is the epitome of the modern woman. Learned and quick, she uses her words to her advantage. She has a strong
moral code and when people fall short of that, they will quickly find out about it.
Flute dreams of leaving the bellows behind and being on the stage. She is kind and encouraging to those that need a boost but determined to achieve her goals and will not be underestimated.

Q: What do you enjoy most about A Midsummer Night’s Dream?
Hannah: I’ve been particularly enjoying getting up to mischief. It’s such a fun show as things get pretty bananas. It’s so funny, full of joy and silliness it’s hard not to enjoy it. There’s lots of physical comedy and combined with Shakespeare’s language it makes for a very entertaining show. It’s been a struggle not to corpse during rehearsals.

Q: Why should everyone get along to see Shakespeare In The Squares?
Hannah: Everyone should come along to Shakespeare In The Squares if you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced and joyful evening of revelry. It’s a beautiful way to spend the warm summer evenings. Perfect for families and friends wanting to see a bit of theatre full of magic and silliness.

Q: What next for you in 2019?
Hannah: …and for the rest of 2019, you will just have to wait and see.


Shakespeare in the Squares presents
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Tatty Hennessy
19 June – 11 July 2019
Press night: Tuesday 25 June 7pm, Arundel and Ladbroke Gardens, W11 2EP

Shakespeare in the Squares’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream – the company’s fourth production touring London’s glorious private squares and gardens. Tatty Hennessy directs Gemma Barnett (Hermia/Snug/Fairy), Paul Giddings (Theseus/Oberon/Quince), Jodie Jacobs (Bottom/Egeus), Sioned Jones (Hippolyta/Titania), David Leopold (Lysander/Starveling), Riad Richie (Demetrius/Snout), Hannah Sinclair Robinson (Helena/Flute) and James Tobin (Puck/Philostrate).

The production runs from 19th June to 11th July, with press night at Arundel and Ladbroke Gardens on 25th June.

Schedule for Summer 2019
All performances at 7pm unless stated
For a full list of performances visit one of the following…
Twitter: @shakessquares
Facebook: shakespeareinthesquares
Instagram: @shakespeareinthesquares


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