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Interview with Ionica Adriana – Part 2

Ionica Adriana
Ionica Adriana

Ionica Adriana previously chatted with us at the beginning of 2018 (having then just finished appearing as Genie in Aladdin at the Princess Theatre, Torquay and again this year 14th Dec – 6 Jan 2019 in Sleeping Beauty) – with the year nearing its conclusion, we touched base with Ionica to see how 2018 has been for her.

Q: What have been the highlights of the year for you (so far)?
Ionica: Gosh so much, particularly the last 6 months where I have had work I could only have previously dreamed of. From stage to screen, singing at live events, documentaries and podcasts… I’m very lucky to have had worked in so many different mediums – an actor’s dream. The highlight I think has to be presenting for the BBC – I never dreamt I’d be doing that in my life. I feel beyond lucky.

Q: As an actress – what keeps you motivated?
Ionica: The opportunities that are out there. Jobs posted on Spotlight and other casting forums daily. At auditions, you meet the most amazing people and talented industry professionals. No matter what it is, you always learn, you grow and it’s never a day wasted whether you get the job or not. It is hard when work is very quiet especially working in jobs that kill your soul to fill the financial gap but what I did at the start of this year is “do one good thing a day towards my career”. In that I promised myself, a little like the 365 day note in a jar, I did something for work. Be it send an email, apply for a job, attend an audition, something, anything. Then when you do get seen for something or even better get the job, it feels even more of an achievement.

Q: It is a tough industry – how do you define success?
Ionica: Everyone’s definition of success is different. I think you shouldn’t let anyone determine what YOUR success is. I say that because whatever it is you’ll always be told you can do better, there’s always “bigger things”. Someone’s mountain may be your molehill. If you teach every day and you make money and you get to practise your craft every day it is no different to someone doing a Broadway show – you are both doing what you love every day and making money. You are in the exact place you have worked towards in your life.

Doing what you love and managing to make a living out of it, to me, that’s success.

Q: To anyone aspiring to get into the performing arts industry – what advice would you give to them?
Ionica: Be kind. Work damn hard. Raise those up around you. This is a hard, relentless unforgiving industry. This is not a race, you will see your industry peers doing great things and jealousy can set in or you compare and what you do is not as good as them, not true, we are all on our own path. Enjoy what you do because if you don’t, there’s no point. Whatever is good for your soul, do that. Even if something is what you thought you wanted to do and it turns out and it isn’t, that’s ok too. You are not a failure. We only know by doing. Also whatever you do in whatever field, act with integrity and humility… it is not underrated.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being in the performing arts industry?
Ionica: The talent. Seeing and working with insanely talented people, and working with people you could only dream of meeting, let alone working with.

Q: What do you dislike most?
Ionica: The unkindness. Everyone is an “expert” at everything and quick to criticise. People crawling out of the woodwork when all they have done is tear you down continuously and then use you for their gain but I guess that happens in all walks of life. Trolling. I can’t abide it.

Q: How would you describe yourself?
Ionica: Obsessively driven. Deeply sensitive. Fiercely passionate. Grateful.

Q: What next for you in 2019?
Ionica: Some screen work… let’s just say it’s going to start the year off with a bang… all I can say is Life, Thank You.




‘Best Emerging Actress’ – Iara Awards Winner 2018

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