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ITV Superstar – The verdict so far

We are now two episodes into ITV1’s new talent Jesus Christ Superstarshow Superstar, the search for a Jesus to adorn Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new arena tour of his seventies classic musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Having moved across from the BBC, I am not sure that too much has changed from the format but it does seem like the show needs to step up a gear. That of course will happen when the public starts to vote!

The would-be superstars have certainly had their work cut out with many of the number being culled already. I have to say that at the moment we could be watching episodes of LOST as there seem to be many of the hopefuls that have only been seen walking in the background with the focus being on very few of them. Time will tell who is Jack, Sawyer, Hugo and John Locke. I guess Mel C can play the part of Kate. Andrew Lloyd Webber is probably “The Island”.

Of the few that have appeared in front of the camera, Jonathan Ansell is one. Once again we have the situation of someone coming to an audition who is already under contract elsewhere, now where have I heard that before! Surely there must be an agreement with ITV that says either a) if you are under contract elsewhere then don’t apply or b) it doesn’t matter if you are under contract. As in the case of Jonathan Ansell, either don’t accept him from the start or accept him without an issue. Whether you agree with him applying or not, that is another matter, but the programme makers appear to have used the situation for ratings purposes only. I understand that he did have permission to be released from his contract so it was done with their consent.

Last night’s episode saw the voice coach, Donna Soto-Morettini, giving sound advice to everybody although coming across as being overly critical. Doubtless they WILL have listened to what she had to say! We also saw some interesting music videos made by the various groups which I thought were generally pretty good. You can check them out on the official ITV Superstar website link below.

Andrew Lloyd Webber seems to come in and out of the process whenever he feels like it – which is a shame as he has bundles of charisma and livens things up when he is around. The one thing we have learned is ‘mess with his songs at your peril” as several have found out already.

Given the task of telling many of the group they were being sent home, I am sure Jason Donavan hasn’t caused too many broken hearts with his version of you may have been halfway to paradise but hey, any dream will do, goodbye.

Meanwhile many of the hopefuls will be wishing Mel C would: “Tell me what you want, what you really….”,

Mel C says: “The show is incredibly powerful and requires a strong vocal and acting ability. Although the show has more of a rock sound, I feel soul is very important for the role of Jesus also. I feel he has to have charisma and vulnerability.”

The next stage of the process being shown is a trip to Lloyd Webber’s holiday home in Majorca where they will cut the number even further.

I just hope that we will very soon get to see and hear more of the undoubted singing talent that is there within this group.

By Neil Cheesman

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Monday 9th July 2012


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