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IVT Superstar: Search for Jesus Christ Superstar the final 10

Jesus Christ SuperstarIt seemed a bit unfair to have the group of potentials to arrive in Majorca only for many to be told almost immediately that they were not going through. Not much chance to get a sun tan then! Once again Jason Donovan was hatchet-man. He will be getting a complex about this soon!

Having only just arrived on the island each of our band of men had to sing a solo in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber .

Nerves came to the fore with several of the participants as they struggled to give their all in front of ALW– singing to him on the balcony and accompanied only by a guitar soloist they had to give their best. The bottom line is that you have to believe in yourself if you want everyone else to believe in you. Not an easy task with so much at stake. Having said that… if you can’t sing in front of one person what chance do you have in front of several thousand?

But… nerves and adrenalin can make the star…  time will tell…

After a 25-hour coach trip across Europe and back to the UK, at the O2 Arena they are met by Donovan and Mel C and also Amanda Holden.

They get to sing ‘one last time’ (some of them anyway) the same song they had the chance to sing on Majorca – this time with a band backing them.

I would say that just about everybody upped their game as with the next step to either the exit door or national television for several days, who wouldn’t? Either way, they all got a hug from Amanda Holden! Not sure where Jason Donovan and Mel C were at this stage – maybe gone for a cuppa somewhere.

I have to say that the singing talent in this group is pretty good… although how many could cut it on stage as the lead singer in Jesus Christ Superstar is another matter…. and something that people will vote on over the next few days of live shows.

The top 11 going through with Jon as a ‘stand-by’ are…. (including Twitter ID IF known):

Dirk Johnston @JohnstonDirk
Jeff Anderson @_JeffAnderson_
Nathan James @TheNathanJames
Niall Sheehy @niallsheehy
Roger Wright @Rogerwright1
Rory Taylor @RoryTaylor54321
Tim Prottey-Jones @TimProtteyJones
Afnan Iftikhar @Afnan_prince
Ben Forster @thebenforster
David Hunter @thedavidhunter
Jon Moses @jonmosesvocals

Good luck to all!

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By Neil Cheesman who you can follow on Twitter at @LondonTheatre1

Saturday 14th July, 2012


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