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LOST WEST END new album celebrates London’s lost musicals

Lost West EndStage Door Records are to release LOST WEST END, a unique collection of recordings from lost West End musicals, due for CD release on July 24th, 2015.

LOST WEST END celebrates London’s forgotten musicals and brings together over 20 unique ‘lost’ West End productions on one album. The collection reflects 30 years of musicals that have come and gone from the West End, showcasing these unique theatrical works. Ranging from 1976 to 2009, all the musicals featured had relatively short London residencies and although they weren’t always met with critical praise, they nevertheless contain interesting, memorable scores and performances that deserve to be heard.

The diverse selection of shows featured range from epic through-sung adaptations of the classic novels ‘Gone With The Wind’, ‘The Far Pavilions’ and ‘Tess Of The D’Urbervilles’ to musical autobiographies of iconic historical figures Leonardo Da Vinci, Toulouse Lautrec and Bernadette Soubirous.

The ‘Lost West End’ musicals included are:
‘Liza Of Lambeth’ (1976),
‘Troubadour’ (1978), ‘I’ (1983), ‘Y’ (1983), ‘Mutiny!’ (1985),
‘Bernadette – The People’s Musical’ (1990), ‘Valentine’s Day’ (1992),
‘Which Witch’ (1992), ‘Robin Prince Of Sherwood’ (1993), ‘Leonardo – A
Portrait Of Love’ (1993), ‘Out Of The Blue’ (1994), ‘Prisoner Cell
Block H’ (1995), ‘Maddie’ (1997), ‘Tess Of The D’Urbervilles’ (1999),
‘Lautrec’ (2000) ‘La Cava’ (2000), ‘Beautiful And Damned’ (2004), ‘The
Far Pavilions’ (2005), ‘Behind The Iron Mask’ (2005), ‘Gone With The
Wind’ (2008), ‘Too Close To The Sun’ (2009).

The album features a glittering ensemble of West End vocalists including; Graham Bickley, Meredith Braun, Simon Burke, David Essex,
Susannah Fellows, Alexander Hanson, Angela Richards and Andrew C. Wadsworth. Although the shows didn’t last, their music lives on and this collection affirms that the musicals featured are well worth rediscovering.

1. CALL ME ROBIN HOOD – Peter Howarth (from ‘Robin Prince Of Sherwood’)
2. THE WORLD WAS CHANGED THIS MORNING – Alexander Hanson (from ‘Valentine’s Day’)
3. BEAUTIFUL COLOURS – Angela Richards (from ‘Liza Of Lambeth’)
4. ONLY ONE ROSE – Andrew C. Wadsworth (from ‘Troubadour’)
5. THE FOUR DAMES – Michael Mears, Nicola Kimber, David Rappaport (from ‘I’)
6. ILLUSIONS – Arturo Brachetti (from ‘Y’)
7. LIKE A CHILD – Miriam Stockley (from ‘Bernadette – The People’s Musical’)
8. ETERNALLY – Dollie de Luxe (from ‘Which Witch’)
9. I NEVER TOLD HIM I LOVE HIM – Simone Dee (from ‘Prisoner Cell Block H’)
10. DON’T LOOK BACK – Graham Bickley, Summer Rognlie (from ‘Maddie’)
11. THE SOUVENIRS OF SECOND BEST – Mary Carewe, Company (from ‘Lautrec’)
12. BEING A WOMAN – Susannah Fellows (from ‘Beautiful And Damned’)
13. TOUCH ME – Robert Fardell (from ‘Behind The Iron Mask’)
14. SAY GOODBYE – Julie-Alanah Brighten (from ‘La Cava’)
15. SHE LIVES WITH ME – Simon Burke (from ‘Leonardo – A Portrait Of Love’)
16. ONLY BELIEVE – Meredith Braun (from ‘Out Of The Blue’)
17. ONE NIGHT – Gayatri Iyer (from ‘The Far Pavilions’)
18. GONE WITH THE WIND – Janene Lovullo (from ‘Gone With The Wind’)
19. POOR LITTLE SILLY YOUNG ME – Tammy Joelle (from ‘Too Close To The Sun’)
20. I’LL GO NO MORE A-ROVING – David Essex (from ‘Mutiny!’)
21. I HAVE YOUR LOVE – Philippa Healey (from ‘Tess Of The D’Urbervilles’)


Friday 12th June 2015


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