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Lost West End Vintage 2 New Double Album

Lost West End Vintage 2Following last year’s critically acclaimed release of ‘Lost West End Vintage’ (highlighted in The Sunday Times as an “Essential New Release”) Stage Door Records are pleased to continue the album series with ‘Lost West End Vintage 2’ to be released on July 27th 2018.

LOST WEST END VINTAGE 2 celebrates London’s forgotten musicals of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, compiling songs from 37 West End productions and showcasing these unique theatrical works from the golden age of the British musical.

Presented as a Deluxe 2CD set; ‘Lost West End Vintage 2’ features 50 tracks (including over 20 tracks appearing on CD for the first time) from London Cast recordings to pop covers, live recordings and other musical rarities. Ranging from 1943 to 1962, the selections featured include a broad range of musical styles and genres from prolific theatre composers including Ivor Novello, Noel Coward, Julian Slade, Sandy Wilson, Vivian Ellis, Lionel Bart, Leslie Bricusse and more. The album includes a glittering ensemble of star performers including; Mary Martin, Jeremy Brett, Sally Ann Howes, Dora Bryan, Julie Wilson, Evelyn Laye, Barbara Windsor, Elizabeth Seal, Cleo Laine, Frank Sinatra, Julie Andrews, Anna Neagle, Spike Milligan, Joan Sims, Millicent Martin and Denis Quilley.

The musicals featured on ‘Lost West End Vintage 2’ are: ‘The Lisbon Story’ (1943), ‘Sweet Yesterday’ (1945), ‘Under The Counter’ (1945), ‘Pacific 1860’ (1946), ‘Cage Me A Peacock’ (1948), ‘The Kid From Stratford’ (1948), ‘Tough At The Top’ (1949), ‘King’s Rhapsody’ (1949), ‘Ace Of Clubs’ (1950), ‘Golden City’ (1950), ‘Dear Miss Phoebe’ (1950), ‘Gay’s The Word’ (1951), ‘Rainbow Square’ (1951), ‘And So To Bed’ (1951), ‘Bet Your Life’ (1952), ‘Wedding In Paris’ (1954), ‘After The Ball’ (1954), ‘The Water Gipsies’ (1955), ‘A Girl Called Jo’ (1956), ‘Summer Song’ (1956), ‘The Buccaneer’ (1956), ‘The Comedy Of Errors’ (1956), ‘Wild Grows The Heather’ (1956), ‘Free As Air’ (1957), ‘Lady At The Wheel’ (1958), ‘Irma La Douce’ (1958), ‘Mister Venus’ (1958), ‘Chrysanthemum’ (1958), ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ (1959), ‘Marigold’ (1959), ‘The Love Doctor’ (1959), ‘Kookaburra’ (1959), ‘Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be’ (1960), ‘Follow That Girl’ (1960), ‘King Kong’ (1961), ‘Blitz!’ (1962), ‘Cindy Ella’ (1962).

Although the shows didn’t last, their music lives on and this collection affirms that the ‘lost’ musicals featured are well worth rediscovering.

For more information, visit: http://www.stagedoorrecords.com/stage9056.html

1. SOMEDAY MY HEART WILL AWAKE / TAKE YOUR GIRL – Vanessa Lee (from ‘King’s Rhapsody’)
2. GOLD DIGGING DIGGER – Eleanor Summerfield (from ‘Golden City’)
3. NEVER SAY GOODBYE – Patricia Burke (from ‘The Lisbon Story’)
4. SWEET YESTERDAY – Anne Ziegler (from ‘Sweet Yesterday’)
5. MORNING GLORY – Webster Booth (from ‘Sweet Yesterday’)
6. ENGLAND IS A LOVELY PLACE – Maria D’Attili (from ‘Tough At The Top’)
7. LOVE ME LITTLE, LOVE ME LONG – Dudley Jones, Betty Paul (from ‘And So To Bed’)
8. SELECTIONS FROM ‘RAINBOW SQUARE’ (Part One) – Philip Green Orchestra & Chorus (from ‘Rainbow Square’)
9. SELECTIONS FROM ‘RAINBOW SQUARE’ (Part Two) – Philip Green Orchestra & Chorus (from ‘Rainbow Square’)
10. BRIGHT WAS THE DAY – Mary Martin, Graham Payn (from ‘Pacific 1860’)
11. LONDON AT NIGHT – Company (from ‘After The Ball’)
12. WONDERFUL VIEW – Jeremy Brett, Sally Smith (from ‘Marigold’)
13. SATURDAY GIRL – David Hughes, Sally Ann Howes (from ‘Summer Song’)
14. IT WOULD CRAMP MY STYLE – Dora Bryan, Roy Godfrey (from ‘The Water Gipsies’)
15. I WANT A GREAT BIG HUNK OF MALE – Julie Wilson (from ‘Bet Your Life’)
16. A MAN IS A MAN – Evelyn Laye (from ‘Wedding In Paris’)
17. LEARN TO DO ONE THING WELL – Thelma Ruby (from ‘The Buccaneer’)
18. DOWN THE LANE – Toni Palmer (from ‘Blitz!’)
19. WHERE DO LITTLE BIRDS GO TO? – Barbara Windsor (from ‘Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be’)
20. IRMA LA DOUCE – Elizabeth Seal (from ‘Irma La Douce’)
21. LOOK AT ME WITH A LOVING EYE – Cleo Laine, Cy Grant (from ‘Cindy Ella’)
22. KOOKABURRA – Maggie Fitzgibbon (from ‘Kookaburra’)
23. KING KONG – Nathan Mdledle (from ‘King Kong’)

1. SELECTIONS FROM ‘BET YOUR LIFE’ (Part One) – The Melachrino Orchestra (from ‘Bet Your Life’)
2. SELECTIONS FROM ‘BET YOUR LIFE’ (Part Two) – The Melachrino Orchestra (from ‘Bet Your Life’)
3. WALKING TO THE KIRK – The Bob Bissetto Quartet (from ‘Wild Grows The Heather’)
4. THE MOMENT I SAW YOU – Caroll Gibbons and the Savoy Hotel Orpheans with Rita Williams (from ‘Under The Counter’)
5. THE PROMISE IN YOUR EYES – Oscar Rabin Band with “Diane” (from ‘The Kid From Stratford’)
6. WHISPER WHILE YOU WALTZ – Denis Martin (from ‘Dear Miss Phoebe’)
7. TIME ALONE WILL TELL – Cyril Shane (from ‘Cage Me A Peacock’)
8. IF ONLY SHE’D LOOKED MY WAY – Frank Sinatra (from ‘Gay’s The Word’)
9. LOVE ME LITTLE, LOVE ME LONG – Josef Locke (from ‘And So To Bed’)
10. PEDRO THE FISHERMAN – Julie Andrews (from ‘The Lisbon Story’)
11. SHOULD HE UPBRAID – Jane Wenham (from ‘The Comedy Of Errors’)
12. THE YEARS TOGETHER – Anna Neagle (from ‘King’s Rhapsody’)
13. NO MORE LOVE SONGS – Robb Stewart (from ‘Chrysanthemum’)
14. UNCLE HARRY – Noel Coward (from ‘Pacific 1860’)
15. CHASE ME CHARLIE – Jean Campbell (from ‘Ace Of Clubs’)
16. EVENING IN LONDON – Charles Young, Elizabeth Humphries (from ‘Follow That Girl’)
17. LET THE GRASS GROW – Dickie Henderson (from ‘Free As Air’)
18. WISH I KNEW – Spike Milligan (from ‘Lady At The Wheel’)
19. YOU NEVER KNOW WITH MEN – Joan Sims (from ‘The Water Gipsies’)
20. WHEN DOES THE RAVISHING BEGIN – Rita Williams (from ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’)
21. FAR AWAY – Karl Denver (from ‘Blitz!’)
22. OUR LANGUAGE OF LOVE – Millicent Martin (from ‘Irma La Douce’)
23. THE EARTH TURNS OVER – Elaine Delmar (from ‘King Kong’)
24. WHO IS? YOU ARE! – Dennis Lotis (from ‘The Love Doctor’)
25. FINGS AIN’T WOT THEY USED T’BE – Billy Cotton (from ‘Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be’)
26. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – Joe Loss and His Orchestra (from ‘Mister Venus’)

27. A GIRL CALLED JO (Live) – Denis Quilley (from ‘A Girl Called Jo’)


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