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Love Genius and a Walk at Theatro Technis

Love, Genius and a Walk explores how art and marriage can make challenging bedfellows.

Love Genius and a WalkGustav Mahler, world-renowned composer and conductor, wishes his wife to be his muse. Alma desires a closeness he cannot give, as he believes it would distract him from completing his work. Mahler turns to renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud for guidance, however, both men find they may not truly understand women. Meanwhile, a modern couple’s life mirrors Alma and Mahler’s, except here she is the striving artist while her commercially oriented husband confounds her with his own thoughts on art.

The two stories twist and turn through the quagmires of love and genius, set to the sweeping music of Mahler.

Written by New Yorker Gay Walley, the play returns to London in a new creative production by director Leah Townley.

Writer and Producer – Gay Walley
Co-Producer – Lloyd Morris
Director – Leah Townley
Assistant Director – Gwenan Bain
Set Designer – Constance Villemot
Lighting Designer – Chuma Emembolu
Musical Supervisor – Peter Michaels
Stage Manager – Jessica Bickel-Barlow
PR Chris Hislop
Social Media Manager Ben Schek

Gustav Mahler – Lloyd Morris
Alma Mahler – Lisa Ronaghan
The Writer – Jodyanne Fletcher Richardson
Steve – Stephen Connery Brown
Sigmund Freud – Tim Hardy
Bruno Walter -Jonathan Blakeley
Gropius and Paul – James Boyd
Pauline Strauss and Martha Freud – Emma Wilkinson Wright
Sally and Maria Bonaparte- Sarah Lawrie
Richard Strauss and Psychoanalyst- David McMaster

Theatro Technis
26 Crowndale Rd, London NW1 1TT
Running until 17th October 2021


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