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National Theatre Annual Review 2016–17: In summary

National Theatre Jan 2015 – photo by Philip Vile

On the Southbank the NT played to 93% capacity – the best-attended programme in 12 years
In the six months since April 2017 we have played to 89% capacity

There was a broad programme of new and classic work speaking to the present moment
New work included The Flick, The Suicide, LOVE, Another World and My Country
Classic work with contemporary resonance included The Threepenny Opera, Amadeus, Hedda Gabler and Twelfth Night

In less than two years, 50% of all state secondary schools have signed up to the NT’s free service, On Demand In Schools
Two-thirds of subscribed schools are outside London and the South East

Thanks to plans put in place last year, by the end of 2017-18 the NT will have toured six productions to 36 towns and cities across the UK for a total of 115 touring weeks

we’re here because we’re here touched millions of people across the UK, and demonstrated theatre’s power and potential to engage a diverse, nationwide audience – winning 15 awards

we’re here because we’re here inspired us to create a bold touring and participation programme to reach new audiences and support theatre-making around the country

Lisa Burger, Executive Director of the National Theatre said: “2016-17 was a vintage year for the National Theatre. It was wonderful to see large and enthusiastic audiences come to see shows that ranged from Mike Longhurst’s magnificent Amadeus, to Alexander Zeldin’s powerful and moving LOVE. We embarked on a period of intense touring of live theatre – by the end of this year, six productions will have visited 36 cities for a total of 115 weeks. On top of that we expanded our nationwide Learning programme and developed a bold new touring and participation project. It’s been quite a year, with more yet to come.”

Click here to access the National Theatre’s 2016-17 annual report in full.


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