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Open Mic, a new interactive show by Rob Drummond

ETT (English Touring Theatre) and Soho Theatre, in association with HOME, have announced Open Mic, a new interactive show by Rob Drummond. Streamed live via TicketCo from the Cabaret Space at Soho Theatre, 1 – 3 April 2021.

Open Mic, a new interactive show by Rob DrummondWe need fun! Human beings need fun. It’s not a want. It’s a human need.

Do you remember the last fun night out you had before the misery of 2020 really hit?
What would you have done for a night like the ones you’ve missed out on?

As the nation begins its tentative journey out of lockdown, Rob Drummond offers us an opportunity to come together, let our hair down and share stories and secrets from the last year. His new show Open Mic is a live, interactive online celebration of community, storytelling, music, comedy, and talent – not his, but yours.

Share your stories, your songs, your poetry, your joy and your confessions. Or if that’s not for you, simply sit back, relax and let Rob and a few willing participants sweep you off on an unexpected journey, live from Downstairs at Soho Theatre.

Read our Q&A with Rob Drummond
Q: Can you tell us about the online interactive show Open Mic?
Rob: Yeah, it’s a show that’s utterly dependent on the audience, which is a focus of my work in general. I’ll guide everyone through the night, audience members will contribute stories, songs, thoughts about the past year we’ve all been through together and at the heart of it is a personal story from my own life that will be threaded through the show.

Q: How do you incorporate audience interaction into the show?
Rob: Well, the volunteers will know in advance that they are performing in the show but they won’t have
met me at all until I introduce them to the virtual stage. After they perform there will be a chance to get to know them a little bit as I chat to them about their experiences over the past fourteen months or so. There will also be a chance for me to interact with the non-performing members of the audience at times. But absolutely no obligation to interact if you don’t want to.

Q: Do you have a target audience in mind?
Rob: I’d love it if the audience could reflect as much as possible a cross-section of the UK, and certainly we are trying our best to get people calling in from all over the country, but it really doesn’t matter because no matter who it is they will share one thing in common and that’s having had their lives changed by covid – be that in a big way or a small way. It’s a rarity knowing that the entire audience are in some way guaranteed to understand the investigation of the show because every one of them has lived it.

Q: What do you want the audience to take from the show?
Rob: I’d love them to have a great time together and, if they want to just leave it at that then that would be fine by me. But there’s also a chance to engage with the show in a different way by really asking yourself some difficult questions about yourself and society as a whole. But it’s not a negative show in the end. I hope. I want people to leave feeling that, although there might be plenty to be sad about, there’s also lots to be hopeful of for the future.

Open Mic Listings
Box Office: https://sohotheatre.com/events/open-mic-play/
1 – 3 April 2021
Performance schedule:
Thursday 1 April, 8pm
Friday 2 April, 8pm
Saturday 3 April, 5pm and 8pm


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