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Shakespeare’s Globe are hosting Holly’s Angels Food Distribution Hub

Shakespeare’s Globe has announced that on Monday 5th – Tuesday 6th April they will be hosting Holly Adomah Thompson, Amrit Maan FRSA and a team of volunteers from their food distribution hub.

Food Distribution Hub Announcement - Holly Thompson.
Food Distribution Hub Announcement – Holly Thompson.

Since December 2020, Holly Adomah Thompson and her team of volunteers have turned theatre spaces into food distribution hubs to help support local artists and community centres who are experiencing hardship at this time. Amrit Maan of Punjab Restaurant in Covent Garden has kindly donated 300 frozen curries for community members, especially local artists to come and collect from the Globe Theatre.

The donation collection service will be open from 11am until 2pm and patrons will be able to deliver their donations to the team inside the Globe Theatre. The food distribution hub is also in conjunction with the hub operating at the Albany in Deptford.

There will be a socially-distanced system in place in order to accept donations safely. Patrons are asked to wear face masks when making donations inside the Globe Theatre.

The following donations will be welcome:

  • Non-perishable foods – long-life non-dairy milk (oat, soya, rice), pasta, rice, oats, tinned soup, foods, beans and other pulses, lentils, cereal
  • Pet food – food pouches for both dogs, cats and smaller household pets, dried biscuits/food, tins of pet food
  • Pet accessories such as warm beds and blankets
  • Toys for children – colouring books, small toys, soft toys, board games
  • Toiletries – deodorant, toilet paper, shower gel, shaving gel, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, tooth paste, hand wipes, children’s toiletries
  • Household items – laundry liquid detergent, laundry powder, washing up liquid
  • Feminine products – sanitary towels and tampons
  • Baby supplies – nappies, baby wipes, baby food, baby milk powder
  • Face masks and hand sanitiser

Please contact Holly at holly.adomah@gmail.com if you have any questions, want to find out more or if you’d like to receive a package.


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