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Stay at Home with Crazy Coqs New Online Initiative

Stay at Home with Crazy Coqs New Online InitiativeCrazy Coqs, Soho’s unique live entertainment venue within the Brasserie Zédel complex, announces a new online initiative: Stay at Home with Crazy Coqs.

While Crazy Coqs and Brasserie Zédel’s doors remain closed for the time being due to Covid-19, from Monday April 6 we are bringing you a free, online series: Stay at Home with Crazy Coqs. Crazy Coqs artists have been submitting content, some of it previously recorded at the venue, some of it created in isolation. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.00pm (the traditional start time for our first show), we will post something from our artists on our new YouTube channel. Expect a single song or sketch, a series of songs, a nearly full show or even a live-stream. In these difficult times, we need a space to share stories and songs, and we at Crazy Coqs are very keen to keep our artists in the minds and hearts of our audience, and equally our audience connected to Crazy Coqs. To watch along with the series and find out who’ll be performing next, our audiences can follow us on social media: @CrazyCoqs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Stay at Home with Crazy Coqs is free, however, as many artists find themselves without any means of generating an income during these challenging times, and with much-needed government support not promised before June, we are linking these posts to helpmusicians.org, should those enjoying the posts want to make a donation. Crazy Coqs just giving page is available here:

Here are some of the artists who will appear in the first few posts: Branden & James, Bounder & Cad, Marcel Lucont, Morgan James, Sandy Walsh, Melinda Hughes, Westdal & Hayward, Jessica Martin, Ryan Molloy and many more.


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