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Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre Announces Season of New Writing

Championing fresh and fierce new voices, New Wimbledon Theatre are pleased to announce their Premieres Season, three brand new and hugely exciting full-length productions that have been carefully selected by NWT and have never been seen on-stage before. The Season has been curated by Emma Brack Theatre Administrator and Events Programmer.

We believe it is important to provide a platform for new works to be staged, theatre isn’t just about revitalising the classics after all! We wanted to provide an opportunity for theatre-makers to see their work on its feet and fully-staged, whilst delivering some top-quality and compelling productions for our audiences, and so our Premieres Season was born. It’s been over a year-and-a-half since we opened up for submissions, and after months of delays, we can’t wait to show audiences what these fascinating new plays are all about.” – Emma Brack.

The three writers are as follows: Roy Smiles Ying Tong (West Yorkshire Playhouse/New Ambassadors Theatre/BBC Four) and Kurt & Sid (Trafalgar Studios), Bren Gosling Moment of Grace (Bloomsbury Theatre/Pleasance Theatre/ The Actors Centre) and Invisible Me (Conway Hall and Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre) and Gill Kirk Glitter Knickers (Rondo Theatre, Bath) and Water’s Not So Thick (Rondo Theatre, Bath).

All three productions are full-length and will run at the Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre Friday to Friday for 8 strictly limited performances each, in September, October and November respectively.

The Shows
The Funny Girls by Roy Smiles
Fri 17 Sep – Fri 24 Sep 2021
Funny GirlsThomas Hopkins in association with Debbie Chazen & Guy Chapman. Directed by Michael Strassen, Set & Costume: Jean Gray, Lighting Design: Andrew Exeter, Sound Design: Dan Sampson.

Bringing together two legendary talents in a brand new, ‘what if’ comedy, The Funny Girls explores the fantastical clash of ego and dreams between two young starlets: Barbara Streisand and Joan Rivers. This fictional reunion spawns from the pair’s infamous gig before their time in the spotlight, finding companionship in a short-lived off-off-off Broadway production.

Stepping into the shoes of the world-renowned superstars will be Mia Tomlinson (The Beast Must Die, Britbox; The Lost Pirate Kingdom, Netflix) as Joan Rivers, and Rosanna Harris (Grease, UK tour) as Barbra Streisand.

A hilariously fast-paced game of wit and wise cracks from two Jewish juggernauts in their prime, Rivers and Streisand spar for superiority. From overbearing mothers and closeted homosexual lovers, to troublesome beauty standards and the level of fame, no cards are left unturned. But was it all worth it?

Proud by Bren Gosling
Fri 29 Oct – Fri 5 Nov 2021
Directed by Marlie Haco, Lighting Design by CHUMA LIGHTING DESIGNS.

ProudWhen his Pentecostal mother dies, Roland – black, 40 – decides to live openly as a gay man. He relocates from Brixton to E17, where he unexpectedly falls for Amir, a street sweeper – 21, an immigrant from a war zone. But, what gets in the way is Amir’s post-traumatic stress, his inability to identify as gay and Roland’s relationship with his gifted, 15-year-old son, Gary.

Proud is a compelling story for our time about loss and love, identity and the need to belong.

Camp, Chemsex and Grindr. How well portrayed are queer characters in new British playwriting? Do we need more LGBTQ+ stories about ordinary lives, extraordinarily lived? PROUD seeks to address alternative narratives.

Skin in the Game by Gill Kirk
Fri 12 Nov – Fri 19 Nov 2021
A new play directed by Sarah Gain, brought to you by Slackline Productions.

Skin in the Game“I didn’t tell you to have a climate emergency panic!”
“You didn’t?”
“No! That’s a typo. I want you to have a climate emergency PICNIC.”

It’s the near-apocalyptic near-future. The once-unimaginable has happened and it’s time for the world to be saved… by a game show host?

It’s up to the courageous Elizabeth Smuir to bring down a glitter-blazered game show host with dictatorship ambitions, the charismatic Danny McCree. But her blundered kidnapping by a troll and bee-god called Derek galvanise her: she’s going to save the planet and stop Danny becoming a dictator. Well… she thinks she is.

Skin in the Game is a hilariously dark, entertaining and disturbing adventure into a not-so-distant future where climate despair is met with tasteless “bread & circuses” light entertainment and abuses of power.

Whatever your feelings about our climate-future, the question is: Are you game enough to be in the audience?!

Performances are Mon – Fri at 19:45 & Sat at 14:45 and 19:45.



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