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Superstar: The first of the live shows Sunday 15th July 2012

Sunday evening saw the 11 finalists perform in front of a Jesus Christ Superstarstudio audience for the first time and give the public an opportunity to vote for their favourite.  All of the guys have superb voices but the key factor is… who could perform as the lead singer in Jesus Christ Superstar? Everyone will have their own perception of what their Jesus should be like. Voting is open until Monday 16th July 7:00pm.

The show opened with a fair rendition of Superstar from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Can the search for a superstar to play Jesus produce something special? Doubtless there were a large number of talented artists on display during the auditions; it was just that we didn’t really get to hear them.

What is your verdict? Is the show going to hit the heights? I like to think so!

Amanda Holden introduced the acts with the panel of judges consisting of Jason Donovan, Mel C, Dawn French and Andrew Lloyd Webber (ALW).

27-year-old David Hunter from Warrington: Forget You
It is always daunting to be first but David set the standard very high with a really strong performance. Cee Lo Green has such an incredible vocal range and David did extremely well to do it justice.
Mel C: What an opener, you are such a strong vocalist.
Dawn French: Excellent tight trousers.
ALW: Absolutely fantastic – you ooze charisma.

24-year-old Dirk Johnston from Scotland: Make You Feel My Love
Couldn’t fault the song choice and the vocals were superb… I would just like to see Dirk be a little more animated…
Mel C: A beautiful performance – pitch and tone throughout was just sublime.
ALW: beautifully sung – but would like to see a bit more from the acting side.

23-year-old Nathan James from Reading: Sign Your Name
Fabulous performance and you can see that Nathan loves being on stage – and who wouldn’t with those dancers! He has really strong vocals and seems to reach out to the audience.
Mel C: You are one of the most incredible vocalists I have ever heard (that comment blew Nathan away!)
Dawn: Your strength may lie in your gentleness…
ALW: I think it’s the vulnerability we need to see.. you have a classic God-given rock voice…

31-year-old Niall Sheehy from Northern Ireland: Stay
Having had a hair-cut a really strong performance from Niall – both vocally and with his personality shining through – he certainly seemed to have the audience captivated!
Dawn French: What a dreamboat you are… and you have a winning vulnerability – you remind me of Lee Mead and remember he married one of the judges!
ALW: A great performance.

31-year-old Ben Forster from Sunderland: Somebody That I used To Know
The dancers were back again! Ben took some ‘risks’ with this song and gave a very good performance. I enjoyed it and clearly Ben did too.
Mel C: Pitch perfect.. dynamic.. powerful
Jason Donovan: an extremely difficult song to sing and you sung it well.. it gave me shivers..
Dawn French: You have a phenomenal range…. I hope you can still have babies after that!
ALW: The song is about being lonely and I wish I had picked up a bit more of that… but wonderful vocal performance.

28-year-old Jon Moses from Newcastle: Since U Been Gone
A really good performance by Jon who shows his emotions for all to see.
Dawn French: That was a belter of a performance
ALW:  You had energy and wonderful to have you on the show.
Jason Donovan: what a revelation you are… you have blown this audience away…

32 year-old Tim Prottey-Jones from Birmingham: Stone Cold Sober
Tim says “I have confidence issues”. He certainly didn’t show it…  this was a strong performance no question.
Dawn French: I wish you had as much confidence in yourself as I do.
ALW: You are what this programme is all about” (A compliment of some magnitude!) You could change the whole perception of the way Jesus is cast.

41-year-old Roger Wright from East London: Whiter Shade of Pale
I wasn’t sure about this song choice… but he sure sung it superbly…
Dawn French:  You are a  beautiful cat…
Jason Donovan: Your voice makes women melt – Some of the big notes a bit apprehensive.
ALW: fantastic vocalist…

23-year-old Afnan Iftikhar from Northshields: Next To Me
A good solid performance – not sure about the song choice.
Dawn French:  Really enjoyed that..
ALW: You did very well

21-year-old Jeff Anderson from Belfast: Red
At 21 Jeff is the youngest left in the competition but you wouldn’t think so. A solid performance.
Jason Donovan: You have a beautiful voice and dealt with the song relatively well…
Mel C: When you are in the moment… magic happens.

24-year-old Rory Taylor from The Wirral: Are You Gonna Go My Way
Rory showed that he really can sing a rock song and this performance was very good.
Dawn French: What a firecracker you are – you shone through.
Jason Donovan: You have an amazing rock technique.
Mel C: We saw Rory the rock star tonight – everything great – including sexy.
ALW: That was quite fantastic….

From Sunday evening’s performances we can see that the show is hotting up – I expect the week to get more exciting leading up to the finale next weekend!

Time for the public to vote and Monday evening we will find out who is in the dreaded bottom two!

Some selected tweets from the contestants on Sunday…

Superstar Twitter quotes from Sunday:
Nathan: since the first audition of superstar I have lost 2.5 stone…
Tim: Who’s looking forward to seeing Sausage on @ITVSuperstar tonight? (Sausage is his dog!)
David: Can’t quite believe the first studio show is TONIGHT! Such a long journey and desperate for it to continue.
Afnan: massive thank you for all the support for… and hello to all my new followers .
Jeff: it’s a great experience and I’ve had training through it, all I’ve wanted man and this role rocks!
Rory: Thanks for all the support! Get ready for the live shows. I can tell you that they are going to look AMAZING!
Ben: “Thank you @Amanda_Holden for the good luck rose!”
Dirk: gossip of the day. See the superstars Jacuzzi !!!
Niall: This is hardly a fair contest – I for one have only enough shoes for about 5 days.
Roger: I am happy to be one of the finalists in ‪#superstar‬ welcome new twitter friends .
Jon: These are all top guys

I hope you enjoyed reading about the show!

By Neil Cheesman who you can follow on Twitter @LondonTheatre1

Monday 16th July 2012


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