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Superstar Update: Wednesday 18th July 2012

Jesus Christ SuperstarYou can be sure that Littlewoods.com have spent a lot of money supporting Superstar on ITV with their adverts before every opening scene of the show – and before every Superstar video on the website. Who knows where Amanda Holden shops but she looked stunning as usual, tonight wearing a low-cut red dress, the only thing missing was Chris de Burgh singing Lady in Red.

The whole group opened the show singing their version of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida.

David Hunter and Tim Prottey-Jones were the unfortunate two tonight – chosen by the public’s vote to put them into the bottom two, the second night running for Tim. It is tough but as Jason Donovan rightly said a few nights ago, this is only a singing competition! David and Tim performed well together and were then told they would also get to sing their chosen individual song and ALW would choose the winner at the end of the show. As it transpired, they weren’t the weakest of the performances on the night – but too late for Tim as he was subsequently condemned by ALW. But, rest assured you haven’t heard the last of Tim Prottey-Jones – he has after all already written his own musical!

On with the show!
As in previous nights the choice of song, together with how the contenders chose or were advised to sing it may well be a deciding factor in tomorrow’s bottom two. Having said that, there will be a second chance as the next vote is AFTER they have all performed again on Thursday night.

Once again in tonight’s show a couple of the guys had ‘pitchy’ moments and that may well lead to the guilty ones being at most risk. There were also a couple of fairly safe song choices that may save one or two – we shall see.

Last night I had chosen a group of five who were in with a chance to win this competition but tonight it is time to cut it down to three. The fact is that the Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour is only weeks away, so whoever takes on that role needs to be able to do it now, or to be very close to being ready for it.

Rory Taylor and Ben Forster are ready to perform and have delivered a strong performance every time they have been on stage. A tough call between the two of them, but either way they are both first class artistes.

The third one in the frame is Nathan James who on singing talent alone I would probably choose. His biggest problem is his presence – he has too much of it. If this was casting for a lead role as a roman gladiator or a rock star in a musical then out of the contenders here he would walk it. The problem is that Nathan needs to be able to show humility and be submissive in his appearance and posture. I don’t think it is beyond him as he stepped in that direction tonight – tying the hair back was a good move. At the moment he has hair like a rock star and with it cut and darker he would look more like the stereotypical Jesus and that might win him some votes – as people will I am sure vote on appearance. Add to that some submissive body language and facial expressions he is the man to beat as he has the voice.

And what about the rest of those still left in the competition? There are some really lovely guys in this group and I am sure that most of them will find career opportunities in the performing arts coming their way in the next few weeks, on top of those that they will already have. I am sure some will be on the stage very soon and they shouldn’t be disappointed that this role is likely not to be for them. Sorry guys, just being realistic and it is a tough business to be in.

What everyone left in the show must take on board is that only one can win it, so each of them needs to go home knowing they have given their all. This is an opportunity for them to put themselves in front of an audience, not of the public, but of casting directors.


090 16 16 10 01 – Niall Sheehy
090 16 16 10 02 – Rory Taylor
090 16 16 10 03 – David Hunter
090 16 16 10 04 – Ben Forster
090 16 16 10 05 – Jon Moses
090 16 16 10 06 – Nathan James
090 16 16 10 07 – Roger Knight
090 16 16 10 09 – Jeff Anderson

The new production of Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice’s musical goes on tour in September, featuring Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot, Chris Moyles as King Herod and former Spice Girl – and Superstar judge – Melanie C as Mary Magdalene.

By Neil Cheesman

Thursday 19th July 2012


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