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The Eddie Farmer Show at the Bread and Roses Theatre

Eddie FarmerMagic as you’ve never seen it before. In this show you’ll witness feats in magic and illusion set against the narrative of a magician’s life. From those first years of practice at home, up until accomplishing the goal of spectacular illusion. With a traditional feel, it stands as a show of today.

Inspired by the different eras and genres of magic, from Victorian shows to today’s Las Vegas performances, the show showcases the many different areas of the art accompanied by the personality of Eddie himself, an ambitious magician who had his passion ignited twelve years ago. Since, the show has evolved with him and has reflected on the time and audience that have attended.

A show of drama, magic, personality and enigma that’ll make you laugh, gasp and hold your breath. Experience magic as it was intended, live. Get ready for an evening of wonder, laughter and the impossible made possible.

The Eddie Farmer Show
written & directed by Eddie Farmer

Monday 6th June at 7.30pm


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