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The People vs Democracy at The Free Word Centre

The People vs DemocracyThe People Vs Democracy produced by Hobo Theatre and Working Birthday in partnership with Article 19 and Kahoot Studios from April 30th to May 22nd, 2015 at The Free Word Centre.

Think you can game the system? Writer/director Jamie Harper (Archipelago, Camden People’s Theatre) and producer/designer Bern Roche Farrelly (Determine, The Yard Theatre) go beyond the spectacle of the upcoming general election to expose the realities of our political system in their new interactive theatre game The People Vs Democracy, which will reveal the complex compromises and brutal confrontations that keep governments in power for years after you have finished voting.

the level of spontaneous, unrestrained participation that the ensemble elicits from its audience is astonishing… so much genuine, heartfelt, impassioned involvement” The Times on Beyond the Pale at Southwark Playhouse

Parliament and the Westminster village are only part of the greater power structures in the UK, with everyone from bankers to the media and even estate agents making important decisions in your life. The game places you, the player, within these political structures and invites you to take hold of these levers of power and wield their economic, social and emotional influence to try to change the world. By presenting a piece about the contemporary political landscape in a theatre game format, The People Vs Democracy creates a playful forum for exploring the machinations of power and experimenting with doing things differently.

Wrestling with an unstable economy and under siege from unfolding news events, you must coax, cajole, convince and bully the other players to further your own agenda. To out-manoeuvre your opponents you must understand how the system works and bend it to your ends. The People Vs Democracy gives you the freedom to reshape our political system and actively consider how your influence can extend much further than simply marking an X in a box.

The People Vs Democracy
Presented by Article 19 at the Free Word Centre
Writer/Director Jamie Harper
Producer/Designer Bern Roche Farrelly
Political Consultant Charlotte Gill
Software Developer Kahoot Studios
Performance Dates April 30th 2015 – May 22nd 2015
30 Apr; 01, 07, 08, 21, 22 May, 19:00
Running Time 90 mins
Venue The Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3GA
Ticket Price £10/£7
Box Office Free Word Centre (freewordcentre.com)

Wednesday 8th April 2015

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