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The Phantom of the Opera – Interview with Kelly Glyptis

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera has returned to its home, Her Majesty’s Theatre London.

Experience the thrill of the West End’s most haunting love story, starring double Olivier Award nominee Killian Donnelly as The Phantom, Lucy St. Louis as Christine Daaé and Matt Blaker as Raoul.

The Phantom Awaits…

Kelly Glyptis
Kelly Glyptis

Read our interview with Kelly Glyptis who stars as Carlotta.

Q: You have recently joined the cast of The Phantom of the Opera playing the role of Carlotta – can you tell us about your ‘journey’ into the cast of this iconic musical?
Kelly: I moved to London in August of 2020 and applied for the Tier 1 Global Talent visa, which I received in January of 2021. I was so fortunate to be a part of TWO world premiere operas in 2021- Madeleine with Surrey Opera where I played Madeleine and Her Day with Her Day Opera as the role of Meesha. I went through 6 rounds of auditions for Phantom while I was in rehearsals for Her Day which included acting, singing, and dance calls; the final audition was actually at Her Majesty’s, which was an amazing experience. It was such a kind and supportive audition process and I have loved every moment with this company.

Q: How would YOU describe Carlotta?
Kelly: Carlotta is really a misunderstood woman and often marked the villain of this piece; to me, however, she is so extraordinary. She has been the leading soprano of the opera house for 5 years and has been viciously attacked for the past three by the Phantom, who wants to replace her with Christine. When you think about it Carlotta, a woman in the late 1800s, has worked her way to independence and is now standing up for her job security and personal safety; it is quite inspiring. She can, admittedly, be a bit of a diva, but I dare say anyone would act the same in her situation!

3: What nuances might you be able to add to the role?
Kelly: The music and artistic staff have been so collaborative and supportive in helping me really make Carlotta my own. We have added little bits and nuances throughout the piece that I think the audience will really love!

4: You have performed at many venues in the USA – how does it feel to be living and performing in London?
Kelly: I absolutely love being here in London. I have visited in the past and have always loved the city, so it was a dream come true when I moved here. The theatre culture and history here is so rich and although we have some stunning venues in the United States (I have performed in 48 of the 50 States) I must say there is something quite special about performing in a venue that has been around since before the US was a country. Although Her Majesty’s was reconstructed in 1897, the theatre premiered more than 25 Handel operas and multiple London premieres of Mozart, Bizet, and Wagner operas (to name a few)! It is such an honour to sing in a venue where so much history has been made.

Q: Do you have a particular favourite song or scene in the show?
Kelly: I really love the Il Muto scene! Aside from the fabulous and gigantic wig I get to wear, we get to play out a Mozartian scene. It is emulating Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro, which Andrew Lloyd Webber does so expertly, and is so much fun to sing. To me, it’s the scene between Countess and Cherubino that we never got to see in the opera.

Q: How long will you be performing in London? And what next for you after The Phantom of the Opera?
Kelly: I’ll be singing the role for about a year on this current contract. I will be headed to New Jersey for a short trip in the Spring for a Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Concert with the Bay Atlantic Symphony and then continuing my Carlotta journey here. I’m excited to see what the future holds and so grateful for this next step!


Kelly Glyptis is a lyric soprano who has appeared internationally in both operas and musicals. Her operatic credits include Madeleine, Cosi fan tutte and Le nozze di Figaro. Her other theatre credits include the North American tours of The Sound of Music, Into The Woods, Mary Poppins, West Side Story and The Addams Family.

The Phantom Of The Opera
Her Majesty’s Theatre, London

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