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The Showstoppers took Elaine Paige’s 24 Hour Challenge

Elaine Paige
Elaine Paige

West End and Broadway star Elaine Paige is thrilled with the finished song after challenging the Olivier award-winning cast of Showstopper! The Improvised Musical to compose a unique song in the style of her favourite musical… against the clock!

West End and Broadway star Elaine Paige set Olivier Award-winning improvisers The Showstoppers a challenge to compose her a brand new musical theatre song in just 24 hours.

Elaine threw down the gauntlet – the theme was to be about having to stay isolated at home and in the style of “West Side Story”, which is her favourite musical of all time.

The finished song, “Don’t Go Out” in the style of “West Side Story” – recorded by the cast who are all isolated from each other – has now been revealed – and Elaine has hailed it a hit!

She tweeted: “Amazing! Absolutely brilliant! Congratulations @TheShowstoppers you took my 24hr challenge & succeeded 200%. A bit of America, Tonight & Officer Krupke! My favourite West Side Story re-imagined for the

Amazing! Absolutely brilliant! Congratulations The Showstoppers you took my 24hr challenge and succeeded 200%” – Elaine Paige

You can watch the finished video and hear the song:

The cast who rose to this challenge were Ruth Bratt, Pippa Evans, Adam Meggido, Andrew Pugsley, keys and track programming Duncan Walsh Atkins, reeds Chris Ash, video editing Andrew Pugsley.

They had to write the lyrics, compose the music, learn the parts, perform to camera and edit the results all within 24 hours (12 hours really, even Showstoppers need to sleep!).

Adam Meggido, Artistic Director of The Showstoppers, said: “Elaine Paige, as the First Lady of the West End, was a natural choice to launch The 24 Hour Challenge and we are thrilled that she is thrilled with our song, written and performed in the style of “West Side Story”. Keep your eyes peeled for further 24 hour song challenges in the coming weeks from the biggest stars in musical theatre”.

Which musical theatre star will be next to challenge The Showstoppers to come up with a bespoke song in 24 hours? Sadly we cannot take unsolicited approaches from the public – but watch this space!

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#StayHomeSaveLives Thank you & well done!”


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