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The Snow Queen: An Online, Storytelling Adventure – Leda Douglas

Iris Theatre’s The Snow Queen: An Online, Storytelling Adventure, an interactive Christmas show using innovative new technology by loom.ai.

The Snow QueenStories get delivered to Holly’s door and then…she tells them. Easy! Right? Except today a new story has been delivered but it’s freezing cold, so cold in fact that Holly can’t even open the pages. She’s going to need a bit of help with this one…and that’s where you come in!

From the comfort of your home, join Holly this Christmas for a magical, snow-filled adventure. Clap your hands, make some magic and join in with the whole family, wherever they are in the world.

Our Q&A with Leda Douglas
Q: Can you tell us about The Snow Queen: An Online, Storytelling Adventure?
Leda: Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, “The Snow Queen” has been very cleverly adapted by our writer and director Natasha Rickman into a family Christmas show for the digital realm (aka Zoom!). It features special effects, 3D animations and even puppets. There’ll also be plenty of opportunities to get involved and talk to characters to help continue the story.

Q: You play the part of Holly – can you tell us about her and her story?
Leda: Holly is the narrator and trusted friend to Pip. She and Pip love creating stories from their laboratory and sharing them with an audience, especially Pip! On this occasion, they create the story of The Snow Queen which takes them on a quest to free a cursed boy from the captivity of the Snow Queen. Along the way, they’ll encounter many characters: robbers, princesses and of course the Snow Queen herself (it’s probably worth mentioning I’ll be playing all of them).

Leda Douglas
Leda Douglas

Q: What challenges have you had – and will you have – with this production being live on Zoom?
Leda: Well I’ve done a few productions now via Zoom and recognise what a fantastic playing space it can be. Though you’re limited to a screen there are so many ways you can create an engaging story using digital tricks and a creative team, which this production certainly does. It’ll be my first time juggling so many characters in one performance so I expect that to be a challenge, but I can always just turn my computer off (just kidding I won’t do that! Or will I..? No really I won’t!).

Q: How does this differ from a stage production?
Leda: There are unique factors to consider as you won’t suddenly freeze or disappear because of a poor internet connection on stage. There’s also a lot more working from home so after-show drinks or some sort of cooldown is essential, cuz you know… closing your laptop is a weird way to end a show.

Q: Why should everyone book to see the show?
Leda: It’s a fresh take on a Christmas show that’ll surprise and hopefully impress you using new technology and an entirely new platform. It’s also just good ol’ fun as it’ll get you moving, giggling and in the mood for Christmas.


Online (via Zoom)
19th – 26th December 2020
Press performance: Sunday 20th December at 2pm
Box Office: https://iristheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows
Ticket prices: £20 per device
Age recommended: 4+


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