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West End Charity Sports Day for The Tuloy Foundation in Manila

West End Charity Sports Day for The Tuloy Foundation in Manila
West End Charity Sports Day for The Tuloy Foundation in Manila

Today (18th July 2014) was a special day, not only because of the heat! The West End came together as only they know how, to raise money for charity and have fun and games while doing it.

Katy Osborne who is a swing in Mamma Mia! the musical in the West End, brought many together to help raise funds for THE TULOY FOUNDATION in Manila. This Foundation keeps abandoned, abused and lost orphans off the streets of The Philippines. Children from as young as 4 are drug dependent, sex trafficked and severely starved.

Tuloy provides a home, food, vocational schooling and rehabilitation for these children. Katie personally visited Tuloy and volunteered to help bring light, happiness and escapism to them through Musical theatre, the Orphanage is keen for this to be part of their schooling as it has such wonderful effects on many damaged young people by bringing confidence, self discovery, pride and joy.

Katie continues to raise money to send to the Tuloy Foundation but decided to get the west end involved a bit more with the idea of a sports day.

Katie put the call into friends and other shows including:

The teams were sponsored and got together for some good old fashioned Sports Day fun! They came out in force not only with sponsorship but some of the theatres had also done bucket collections this week to raise money.

So what happened today? As I arrived at Wormwood Scrubs Park, I could see tables set up, as well as a race track, a bake sale and a table to place your bets on the winning team.

The teams then competed in races such as relay race, egg and spoon, sack race 3 legged race welly wanging, and a tyre and bean bag race – comprising of hula hoops.

Being a show day for all the competitors and the hottest day of the year (so far), you would forgive the teams for just having a bit of fun, but no they put in their all, got competitive and even had a few disagreements with Stef the ref resulting in re-races to decide placing.

Wicked seemed to become a clear favorite winning or being placed in most events from early on, but one of my personal highlights was watching Hugh from team Miss Saigon practicing his welly wanging a good few times to get it right, but then when it came to his throw, launching the welly backwards by mistake, at least he did it with the biggest smile on his face knowing in that race they would be placed last. Team Saigon told me after in no uncertain terms it was not a highlight of their day!

Team Phantom had the best pose for camera, with all covering half their face, very inventive. Points for best costume went to The Lion King who wore big cat colours, even with their sun block, and had leopard print on the welly they wanged. I do however give points to the guys from other teams for getting their shirts off too. 😉 I heard one of the girls saying she had been distracted by the gorgeous half naked bodies in other teams and that’s why she didn’t win, I think that is a valid excuse.

The Commitments had the best team mascot, a cute dog who initially I thought they were planning on using to trip up other teams, but the doggy was more than well behaved.

The day was won by Team Wicked, but the real winners are the charity. All thanks to the spirit from the guys and girls in the West End, past and present crew and creatives all enjoyed the day. Katy, what a fantastic inspirational job you have done. Can we do it all over again next year?

Enjoy some of the photos I was able to take and see how many of your favourites from the West End you can spot.

If you would like anymore information on the charity or you would like to donate too please get in contact with: thephilippinedream17@gmail.com

By Bonnie Britain

Photo credits: Bonnie Britain


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