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What’s on at The London Theatre New Cross

Forthcoming listings for The London Theatre in 2014.

A Doll's HouseTues 21st Jan to Sun 26th Jan
A DOLLS HOUSE by Ibsen 8pm £12.50
This classic tale is brought to you by the Bromley Little Theatre
Our recent interview with Laura Kenward who plays the role of Nora in A Doll’s House.

Thurs 30th Jan to Sat 1st Feb
All humans have secrets, and Mr Quinn is not the only cast member to be constantly on the edge. The question is can the radio studio contain all the secrets, lies and scandal that threaten to blow worlds apart? A whodunit with a vintage feel.

Tues 4th – Sun 8th Feb
JOY DIVISION –The Nazi Sex Slaves Story 8pm £10.50
Joy DivisionWarning: Contains text of a sensitive nature and female nudity.
In the 70s and early 80s, the well-known Manchester band, Joy Division, took their name from events had nothing to do with joy. The name comes from forced labour camps in Nazi Germany. In these camps, thousands of young women, Polish Catholic mostly were used as sex slaves for German officers before they went to fight on the Russian front. They were also used by German guards in a odd logic that by providing a pretty women, it would stop the male camp gaurds having any sexual urges towards the male Jewish and homosexual inmates. Many of these girls shared the same hatred of the Jews as the Nazi’s, as they saw them as just having to wait on tables or just clean, not knowing what was really happening in other camps. These young girls, known as ‘Feld Hure’ (Field Whores), underwent daily ‘enjoyment duty’ where three bad reports were met with brutal levels of punishment. The question is, in such dire circumstances, do humans take solace in the companionship of others suffering the same fate? Or does an individual’s supposed submission give them greater dominance and a longer shelf life? We then see the same girls in a brothel today.

Tues 25th February – Sunday 2nd March
Where there’s a will… there is always a relative along with a few other expectant fortune hunters. With axes to grind and vendettas to be settled secrets will unfold and the truth will out. OPEN STAGE works with ex-offenders, people in recovery of addiction and those with mental health problems to encourage them to achieve their intellectual potential through education. To date Open Book has helped place in access of 270 students on to education programmes ranging from Access and Foundation courses to Degree and Masters level.

Tues 4th March to Sunday 16th March
THE TEMPEST 8pm £12.50
Oxford Chamber Theatre, a professional classical company founded in 1976 to tour Europe with British Council support, presents a spare and incisive production of one of only two works whose plot is entirely Shakespeare’s own invention. “This isle is full of noises”: , Ariel longs to be free. Will Prospero finally fulfil his promise and release him?

Tues 18th March to Sun 23rd March
WE ARE POPE 8pm £12.50
Faith and desire clash in this premiere double-bill of one-man plays
In Angel, a priest devotes his life to God and fights daily against the temptations of the flesh. Now he must confront the man – or angel – or demon – who haunts him. more . . .
In Now We Are Pope, eccentric writer Frederick Rolfe rejoices in exile and the companionship of the gondoliers of Venice.

Tues 25th March to Sun 30th March
LOLITA 8pm £12
One man’s obsession with a teenage girl, this production follows the Stanley Krubrick take on it with Clare Quilty, a lessar charecter in the book taking on a more active role.

Tues 1st April to Sun 6th April
ROMEO & JULIET 8pm £12
VentureWolf return with this classic Shakespeare tale of star crossed lovers

Tues 8th April to Sun 13th April
A sinister riot, Package Deals: Gunshots Included is the roaring new comedy of errors which will leave both you and the cast in stitches. Brought to you by Greedy Pixie Productions, Package Deals: Gunshots Included sees the employees of Starfish Travel’s lives plunged into turmoil when a misguided stranger holds the agency ransom.

443 New Cross Road
New Cross, SE14 6TA

Box office 0208 694 1888
Nearest station (NEW CROSS BR)

Tuesday 31st December 2013


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