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Whistleblower the story of Edward Snowden returns

WhistleblowerRewritten in the light of current events Whistleblower the story of Edward Snowden returns.

Hero or Traitor? Edward Snowden is holed up in a Hong Kong hotel. He has left Hawaii, abandoned paradise, for a life on the run. Tortured by thoughts of his girlfriend, his mother and father and the fate of other whistleblowers in prison, he waits. But will the CIA or the National Security Agency find him first?

‘Whistleblower is always watchable. Events unfold with a thriller-like momentum…’ Lyn Gardner The Guardian 11th July 2014
What’s impressive is the theatrical ballsiness of this London fringe production’ The Times 11th July 2014

Glad to see Whistleblower is coming back. It sticks closely to the events as they unfolded in Hong Kong and does justice to Edward Snowden’s revelations about the scale of state surveillance.
Ewen MacAskill the journalist who broke the story for the Guardian.

Twitter Whistleblower @roquesrichard


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