ENDGAME in a double bill with Rough For Theatre II at The Old Vic

ENDGAME‘Go and get two bicycle-wheels.’
‘There are no more bicycle-wheels.’
‘What have you done with your bicycle?’
‘I never had a bicycle.’

Nothing stirs outside. In a bare room, Hamm, an old, blind tyrant, is locked in a stalemate with his servant Clov. Interrupted only by the nostalgic musings of Hamm’s ancient, dustbin-dwelling parents, this bleakly funny double act cling stubbornly to their routine of casual savagery and mutual dependence.

Richard Jones (The Hairy Ape, Into the Woods) directs Beckett’s macabre comedy in which hope and cruelty are the last things to die.

Endgame will be presented in a double bill with Samuel Beckett’s rarely seen short play Rough for Theatre II, performed by members of the company.

ENDGAME and Rough For Theatre II at The Old Vic

Endgame and Rough For Theatre II at The Old Vic Theatre from 1st February to 28th March 2020. Performances Monday to Saturday at 7.30pm and Wednesday and Saturday at 2.30pm. Running Time: TBC. Age recommendation: 14+.
Old Vic Theatre, The Cut, Lambeth, London SE1 8NB

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