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All The Fraudulent Horse Girls at The Glory | Review

All The Fraudulent Horse Girls has just completed its month-long residence at Haggerston’s ultimate queer venue, The Glory.

All The Fraudulent Horse Girls
All The Fraudulent Horse Girls

The show is about Audrey, an 11-year-old, and their LOVE, neigh, (sic) OBSESSION with Horses. It’s hard to write about this show without spoilers, so please stop reading if you want to be completely surprised when you see the show.

The show runs for about an hour and the action takes place across the full performance space, around and in some instances, on, the audience. There is a small ensemble cast who take on multiple performance roles. The main character, Audrey, is played by three actors throughout the duration of the show. Each performer is dressed in the same outfit; a pink plastic pearl necklace and bracelet a denim gilet with sewn-on horse patches, a Pink tutu, and knee-length socks boasting horse motifs

Cazeleon plays Audrey 1 – and they set the bar very high. Their onstage energy is infectious, with dialogue and movement that is fast and frantic – akin to a hyper ADHD pre-teen who is navigating school life whilst being a bit different from the other kids! Cazeleon does not let us down, from their horse-like trotter entrance on to the stage right through to the moment they bang their head whilst chasing a police horse, they are hugely engaging, fun to watch and a riotously funny.

As the piece moves forward, we meet 2 other versions of Audrey – portrayed by Beth Graham and Alice Morgan Richards. Both performers continue with the high-performance values set by Cazeleon, whilst adding their own touch to Audrey.

The piece is a multi-genre production, spanning cabaret, lip sync, singing, direct-to-audience addresses, live music accompaniment and dance, it’s also an interactive show – using some great techniques to get the audience to play parts and chant mantras loudly through the show. There are also some solid physical theatre performances. As an audience member, we get to experience the physical realisation of a horse through some fantastic mime and body movements – the cast even use the venue’s pillar structure to support the horse-like movements.

There are so many fun parts to this show, I pretty much laughed out loud from the moment Cazeleon entered the performance space right until the end of the epilogue where we are educated on the virtues of theatre to support Horses and the stopping of equine-based glue!

This show is great fun and if it comes by your way, grab a strawberry kiss, some horse merch and your copy of Corman McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses and canter on down to the venue – you will not be disappointed.

5 Star Rating

Review by Faye Stockley

All The Fraudulent Horse Girls is a one-act play with surreal monologues, music, and drag for anyone who has ever been a Horse Girl, Train Boy, or weird kid defined by the things that they love.

Trot down The Glory’s iconic basement for Brooklyn Rep’s Australian, queer, equine fever dream, the joyous world premiere of All the Fraudulent Horse Girls by Michael Louis Kennedy. Audrey is a neurodivergent 11 year old who loves horses so much that she can recite every line of the movie Spirit, she loves horses so much she has a shetland pony asthma puffer, she loves them so much she can telepathically communicate with all the other horse girls in the world. Bullied by the only other horse girls in the school, she sets about proving her worth to her classmates by liberating a police horse, setting off an odyssey through time and space.

Featuring Cazeleōn, Alice Morgan-Richards (AKA Dairy King), Beth Graham, Rachel Blaquière and Georgia Stoller and directed by Charles Quittner.

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