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After Party at The Pleasance Theatre – Review

After Party - Photographer Isaac Whittingham
After Party – Photographer Isaac Whittingham

Friends are the ones we depend on for a great night out, to be there in times of pain or in times of celebration. Friends keep us going. But, when one friend questions the loyalty of another, reality becomes blurry and friendships begin to break. Add in some vodka shots, hangover headaches and drugs, and you’ll end up with the After Party.

Presented by Wildcard Theatre, After Party is a modern drama that brings the twenty-something party life to The Pleasance Theatre. After a night of birthday celebrations, it was time to get ready for day two of partying in honour of Bethany’s birthday. Just as Bethany and Harlan began the day drinking, news breaks out among their friends that they will be having two unwanted visitors – the irritating landlord and someone close to their friend circle who is looking to get even.

James Meteyard’s writing of this script is spectacular. He shares the truths about the party scene and addresses the cultural focus on hate. The line “rid the world of hate” is something all audiences can relate to in a time where what the world needs most is hope and forgiveness. Some moments became a little too long, specifically it dragged on in the scenes when the group was getting ready to go to the hospital.

However, the pacing of the play was consistently filled with emotional highs and lows reminding us about the fragile state of balancing anxiety during a hangover.

The acting was completely genuine and real. Perhaps, it was because the characters are so relatable, but the actors all embodied their characters well. They made the atmosphere in the room feel like the morning after the party and their portrayal of each character was truly brilliant.

After Party is a raw and moving take on the reality of the complexity of friend groups. In a world so caught up in anger, pain and betrayal, this play reminds us to take a step back and really see what we’ve created and the importance of love in our lives.

4 stars

Review by Aly Chromy

Last night Bethany’s birthday party raised the roof, shook the ground and caused Allan to miss his coach home. As Harlan and Bethany continue the antics through the next day, tensions tighten when an old friend comes to visit.

Following a sell out premiere at the Union Theatre, After Party comes to the Pleasance from 14th to 26th March. This play challenges our moral obligation, questions loyalty and assesses the importance of love in the world we live in.

Because let’s face it, if we’re the future of the human race… Then we’re all fucked. Love is the only thing that will keep this world from crashing and burning.”

After Party – The Pleasance from W I L D C A R D on Vimeo.

Wildcard voices untold stories to shine a light on the absurdity of the world we live in.

This show contains adult themes.


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