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BARE at the Courtyard Theatre – Review

BareBare is a trilogy of monologues which depict the lives of three very different, yet equally vulnerable, young women.

First up was Kat Ronson’s Ibz which tells the tale of a young woman who escapes her mundane life for a week of fun in the sun on Ibiza. Shortly into the holiday she meets a guy and embarks on an intense holiday romance before being violated by him in a horrific way.

Kat Ronson’s performance is brilliantly compelling as our heroine goes from being the party girl up for a laugh to the desperately sad young women at the end. There is a good mix of humour where Ronson displays good comic timing, before giving a compelling performance for the grittier end scenes. The final scene is both poignant and thought provoking as you realise how quickly situations can change and how vulnerable we all are.

Steffanie Freedoff’s In the beginning was the word is a complete contrast to Ibz and is slightly shorter in length. It shows her gearing up to speaking at a TEDtalk in Chicago where she uses this platform to express her views on love and communication and the need to find your inner being. Freedoff’s performance is compelling and extremely well delivered.

Madeleine Dunne’s Mind the Gap is in two acts. When we first meet Lucy she is a typical 6 year old, displaying a coyness and enthusiasm for life although she does have one worry in life – the “mind the gap” line on underground platforms. Fast forward 15 years and we meet Lucy again. Her childhood fears have taken hold and she is borderline therapy, she rants about various setbacks in her life.

Dunne gives a credible performance firstly by portraying Lucy’s childlike innocence in a believable, slightly coy way, before delivering Lucy’s more adult worries and rants perfectly.

For the finale all three women come onto to the stage dressed only in their underwear, bearing their souls in a song.

Bare is an entertaining and thought provoking 70 mins.

4 stars

Performed by

Kat Ronson – Ibz

Steffanie Freedoff – In the beginning there was the word

Madeleine Dunne – Mind the Gap

Written and performed by Madeleine Dunne, Steffanie Freedoff & Kat Ronson
Nothing is more thrilling and terrifying than completely exposing yourself. Not just baring your flesh, but your fears, secrets, and soul. bare. is an intimate evening of fresh, one-woman performances. These are stories told by women: international stories of sex, fear, love, inspiration, mental illness, strength, despair, independence, vulnerability and everything in-between.

Bare is an honest sharing of often unspoken but inherently identifiable truths, for all their humour and shade. bare. is a space to unify without judgement; to be a community with strangers. Instead of communicating through cables and wireless signals, bare. invites the audience to explore the answers to their questions and redefine what it means to be bare.

‘IBZ’ is a wild piece penned by Kat Ronson. Sex. Love. Ibiza. Ecstacy. When Girl meets Him, life changes forever. How far will she go for her first love?

Steffanie Freedoff’s ‘In The Beginning There Was Word’ is a piece of performance poetry about finding the depths of one’s soul at the point of a pen. Grace finds strength, courage, and her right to speak at a TEDtalk in Chicago.

“What does it sound like to you? Is it loud? Can you outrun it?” Meet Lucy, and the messy line between normality and conformity with ‘Mind the Gap’ written and performed by Madeleine Dunne.

Written and performed by Madeleine Dunne, Steffanie Freedoff & Kat Ronson
Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton, 14th-16th July at 7:30pm.


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