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David McIver Is a Nice Little Man – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

David McIver Is a Nice Little ManOur society constantly promotes role models for masculinity, from superheroes to politicians, where the concept of being a ‘man’ is based in their ability to be tough, dominant and even violent when required” (Deeyah Khan). David McIver is a young, creative character comedian. His new show, David McIver Is a Nice Little Man explores the theme of masculinity and how David’s own personal struggles with this concept have filtered into his life.

We are invited into David’s 18th birthday party, where he has a series of guests who make sporadic appearances throughout. David’s own brand of awkward conversation and engagement with his audience is wonderful and from the offset, you are laughing at his well-crafted sense of irony. The audience are indeed encouraged to participate and David’s control over this is a joy to watch and he truly had his audience in fits of laughter.

David’s strengths are in his completely absurd characters and moments of surreal darkness or obscurity. Along the way, we meet an Army sergeant, a cool dad, a real tough guy and a shy comedian. Are all these characters extensions of David himself, or are we shown a glimpse into his creative mind place of outrageous characters? That is for the audience to decide, but either way – you are in for a real treat with this upcoming comedy talent.

I would highly recommend this show to all fans of comedy. David created an atmosphere where the audience felt completely comfortable in their laughter and would have been happy to be introduced to even more of his characters. Surely one to watch and not to be missed this fringe!

5 Star Rating

Review by James Evans

Look, it’s David McIver, the nicest little man in town giving it a good go with his debut hour of riffs, bits and skits. Come gather round and stare greedily with those hungry, sparkling eyes, mouth hung agape, chin glazed with drool, at his silly comedy characters.

Aug 18-25 2018
Venue: Opium


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