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Fantastic alternative Dick! at Leicester Square Theatre – Review

Dick! at Leicester Square Theatre
Dick! Photo Steve Ullathorne

Warning! Not for faint-hearted (or easily offended). Dick! is an adult panto with an 18 certificate. Whereas a normal family panto is all about the innuendo and the double entendres, Dick! tells it like it is no blushes spared, no hints or teases; it’s direct, blunt and very, very rude.

With a vague storyline regarding saving the village of Sohoho from the evil Queen filling it with designer eateries and pop up shops; the first half struggles trying to fit in both story and gags along with introducing all the characters. It’s a bit busy but it is necessary to set the scene. Our hero Dick (Rhys Owen) with his oversized codpiece leads the pack along with his gender confused pussy cat Dave (Rae Brogan), he also sets the tone by encouraging us to tell Dave to get lost (in no uncertain terms!) every time he appears on stage. This is an open invitation for hilarious heckling throughout the show.

Our narrator and glue that held this comic caper from straying into complete anarchy was the good fairy ‘Bellend’ (Paula Marsterton); giving instruction and direction on how to behave in a panto scenario; boos for the evil queen, cheers for the hero and shouting her rather naughty name anytime that danger was near. Ms Masterton, had a strong voice and along with the minions (Louise Douglas and Travis Sumner) really were West End quality performers, with musical numbers and choreography worthy of one of the big shows.

With us briefed on the story, introduced to the characters and practised on our participation, we were ready for the second half. This was where we really entered into ‘Pantoland’. The songs were clever and funny, the cast worked together seamlessly in some quite complex routines and their enjoyment was infectious. The comic timing and facial expressions of our heroine ‘Alice’ (Rachel Born) was a joy to watch, paired with the traditional Panto drag queen (David Hodge AKA Dusty O) was hysterical. The wicked Queen (Lucy Grainger) was more hapless than evil, but she provided our outlet for boos and hisses with her own quirky welsh style. There were traditional singalongs (with not very traditional lyrics!), plenty of opportunity to get involved either directly (yes they will be pulling people out of the audience) or by helping creating atmosphere by creating a storm with our hands and voices and of course telling that naughty cat to get lost every time he dares to show his face!

This fantastic alternative to the traditional Christmas family outing was written and directed by Stuart Saint. His popular ‘anti panto’ has increased in popularity year on year playing to larger and larger audiences. Saint has tapped into a need for adults to enjoy all the traditional fun but to come out from hiding behind the innuendo and scream all the naughtiness at the top of our voices. Quite the rush, quite the release and loads and loads of fun.

4 stars


Review by Rachel Borland

This festive season sees the third coming of our hero ‘DICK!’ and his promiscuous pussy ‘DAVE THE CAT’ as they embark on a chaotic caper through perverted pantoland.

Lead by MISS DUSTY ‘O’ as the batty yet glamours S’HoHo sex club owner ’SOFONDA COX’, familiar favourites ‘FAIRY BELL-END’, ‘ALICE FITZNICELY’ and the delinquent, delicious diva ‘QUEEN RUNT’ reunite and run riot through the heart of the WEST END in yet another camp and carnal romp.

Dick! moves to the Main House this Christmas, will our dearest friends make it upstairs in time? Can the ‘Leaky Vessel’ sail up the ‘Streaky Crack’? What ‘Carry On’ chaos do our beloved friends have in store? …Who can say! One thing is for certain, the whole gang is gagging to go the extra inch with a scintillating, riotously rude and hilarious evening, for the greatest filthy and debauched Christmas you’ll ever have!

WARNING: Dick! is not for the faint hearted or easily offended – however there is enough to go around and remember … you’ll never miss a trick once you’ve gone DICK!

Written & Directed by Stuart Saint
David Hodge aka Dusty O – Sofonda Cox
Paula Masterton – Fairy Bell-End
Rhys Owen – Dick!
Rae Brogan – Dave The Cat
Rachael Born – Alice Fitznicely
Lucy Grainger – Queen Runt

Louise Douglas
Travis Sumner


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