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EverAfter – A mixed up fairytale at Chickenshed Theatre

EverAfter, A mixed up fairy tale at the Chickenshed Theatre, is a great Christmas show. As the title suggests, this is a concoction of stories. The obvious stories and characters popped their heads up. So yes, there was a wicked witch, there was a golden thread, there was a house made of yummy sweets to die for and there were sleeping potions. Some of the characters from various popular stories that made their presence included Rumplestiltskin, and Hansel and Gretel.

Grimm Tales
Grimm Tales Chickenshed Theatre.

If you put these characters and others into a big pot, with their stories, took a wooden spoon and mixed them up, this is what you end up with, EverAfter, A mixed up fairy tale!. There were some parts of the production that were clearly recognisable, and some that were not so recognisable, and other parts that were just unique and special in their own way. This production was cleverly written, as it can be told from the author’s or the main character’s perspective. There is also a lovely theme of love that flows through.

This show celebrates diversity at different levels. It appreciates the diverse characters in the production, the different stories, the different level of skill-set of the cast members. There was upbeat music that had the audience engaged, bopping on the chairs and clapping hands. There were lots of costumes, with different looks. There was a long floaty velvety gown, a glamorous black cloak with a golden thread design, and then there were lots of cast members, presenting themselves with their casual individual looks. A delight to see.

The cast were full of energy, some giving their all, some being lost in the music and dance, some just enjoying the moment and others who took their part very seriously. This is a show that my little boy and I enjoyed. Definitely worth watching.

4 stars

Review by Shaidi Ramsurran

When Hansel and Gretel are left to fend for themselves in the Wild Woods, a series of events is set in motion, taking the two children on a journey through some of our best-loved fairytales. Come and be enchanted by mischievous Princesses, who dance until their shoes are worn out; meet – at least one – wicked stepmother intent on revenge; sympathise with Hansel and Gretel’s father, who searches the forest for a sign of his beloved children; and laugh, boo and hiss at the man with no name…

Father – Ashley Driver
Stepmother – Bethany Hamlin
Man with No Name – Michael Bossisse
Queen – Gemilla Shamruk
‘Brothers’ Grimm – Lauren Cambridge, Will Laurence, Joseph Morton and Nigel Spurgeon

Director – Belinda McGuirk
Written and Music by – Dave Carey
Vocal Delivery – Fiona Carey
Set and Lighting Design – Andrew Caddies
Sound – Phil Haines
Production Manager – Zeeta Jacobs
Wardrobe – Emma Gale

Rayne Theatre, Chickenshed
24th November, 2021 to 8th January, 2022


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