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Jade Allen: Over Easy at The Newsroom Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

Jade Allen: Over EasyIt is 11am in an underground room as we await Jade Allen. Ducking behind a tech box with a microphone, her voice emerges, apologising for a performance which may as well be at “the crack of dawn” in Edinburgh fringe time. She continues to talk from behind the tech box, promising us it is going to feel like last night never ended before she bursts onto the stage.

Jade is immediately likeable before we have even met her and for the next hour, it feels like chatting with an old friend who makes us laugh and laugh whilst consistently interrupting her material to tell us how much she loves us and what a great time she is having. This is feel-good comedy.

Jade insists she has to perform. Like so many of us in the industry, she ponders on what it would be like to have a job in an office and hate Sharon from accounts. As it is though, she is here at huge personal cost. We hear how she was scammed into paying a month’s rent in Edinburgh only to discover the property did not exist. Even this is laughed off, asking for a couple of quid so she can drink to forget about it.

It is an intimate venue and we really feel a part of the conversation. Jade assures us this is a buffet of comedy. If we don’t like a section there will be something else for us in a bit. And she is quite right! She offers a huge variety from her hate of participation, her German heritage and a delightful annual show in Wales.

This was probably my favourite section. Very silly but really had me laughing. We were told of all the seemingly identical sheep lining up to be chosen as Wales’ winner. When announced, Jade insists the sheep looked a little bit pleased with itself and then proceeds to impersonate said sheep. We then move onto the guinea pig contest where more impressions follow and utter outrage when a guinea-pig with a glittery bottom only places 3rd.

Jade also re-enacts a pop song whose lyrics “if I got locked away and we lost it all today” baffle her. Whilst amusing, of course, many pop songs have nonsensical lyrics and her outrage with this male’s complacency in wanting to be loved anyway was a little overplayed. However, when she decided to rewrite the lyrics herself, she did win me back, I think she could just have moved onto this point sooner which carried more humour for me.

Jade does part-time work involving workshops and teaching children. She tells us how she despises the after invites… the Whatsapp groups, the feedback forms and the after-work drinks. This is something we can all relate to and her frank manner in rejecting all ties to anyone she has encountered through work is hugely entertaining and something we wish we could all do with such conviction at times.

Overall, Jade is a strong comic performer with a real gift at putting her audience at ease. Her material is varied and guarantees a fun-filled hour with lots of laughs.

4 stars

Review by Freya Bardell

‘Over Easy’ is the comedy breakfast show to set you up for your day. In our downstairs room we can pretend last night never happened (or never ended…), and let Jade take you on a strange, delightful journey all the way from Frankfurt to Edinburgh via Merthyr Tydfil. German/Welsh comedians with Chinese names are not thick on the ground; Jade shares what makes her love and despair of both cultures (the Chinese name she quite likes) and tells the tale of when she introduced a Texan to S4C.

Talking all things that occur to her- including how you don’t need to say a word for a Welsh person to think they’ve had a conversation with you, and how a German person will believe anything you tell them as long as you do it without blinking-she will gently help you feel ready to tackle a day of Edinburgh Fringe mayhem.

The Newsroom, 5 – 11 Leith Street Edinburgh EH1 3AT
Ticket Prices: Free
Room: The Downstairs Bar
AUG 16-26 2018 at 11:00 (45 min)


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