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King Arthur in Space – the Panto at Hampton Hill Theatre

King Arthur in SpaceTeddington Theatre Club’s pantomimes are always a seasonal highlight and King Arthur in Space is no exception. Doing away with anything as superfluous as a plot, and subverting almost all of the “rules”, the writer Loz Keal has produced a script that includes aliens and space weaponry, interplanetary travel and a gender-shifting villain straight out of Dr Who.

The large almost entirely female cast is hard-working with particular highlights being a well-drilled rendition of Tom Sutton’s panto favourite ‘Jobs’ and a very entertaining ‘Behind you’ routine. While it always seems wrong to single out anyone in of a production such as this, some warrant special praise. While the part is under-written, Scott Tilley is a suitably heroic Arthur King (see what they did there) and, as a very modern heroine, Jessica Hunt sings superbly while her alien sidekicks, Kelly-Marie Tuthill and an endearingly sweet Naomi Pink are enchanting. But, as always, the villain has the best lines and Danielle Thompson is very funny as one half of the evil Mrs Morgan, supported by her useless henchmen, brought to life by Anna Strain and panto veteran Dave Dadswell.

Choreographed by Tuthill and Syreeta James, the ensemble dance very well and – mostly – sing well too, with outstanding contributions from Patrick Troughton (channelling the Duracell bunny) and Anna Maria Christopher as a marvellously louche Rapunzel who is clearly no stranger to letting her hair down. Directed briskly by Marc Batten and with superb costumes and a wonderfully busy set, this is a lively and exciting production that will have you cheering by the final curtain.

3 Star Review

Review by Louis Mazzini

In a galaxy that isn’t very far away…
Join us for TTC’s annual pantomime – cheer the clean-cut Arthur and space vixen Gwen, boo the evil and greedy Mrs Morgan and her comedy henchmen as we re-imagine the Arthurian legend with added robots, aliens and Merlin, the talking computer.

All the pantomime conventions you’d expect including bad jokes, plenty of audience participation and a few surprises!

Arthur King – Scott Tilley
Gwen – Jessica Hunt
A-vow-ma – Kelly-Marie Tuthill
Dame Dotty – Juanita Al-Dahhan
Lance – Nicky Shaw
D4-QP – Naomi Pink
Mrs Morgan (The Original) – Josh Clarke
Mrs Morgan – Danielle Thompson
Dredmor – Dave Dadswell
Wainga – Anna Strain
Cinderella – Liz Williams
Rapunzel – Anna Maria Christopher
Snow White – Sian Walters
Sleeping Beauty – Zoe Arden
Merlin – Hannah Lobley
Dancer – Patrick Troughton
Singer – Joyce Birchall
Singer – Eilish Langham
Crew – Zoe Williams

Production Team & Crew:
Director – Marc Batten
Assistant Director – Leigh Dent
Production Manager and ASM – Juliette Sexton
Choreographer – Kelly-Marie Tuthill
Choreographer – Syreeta James
Musical Supervisor – Lizzie Lattimore
Creative Assistant – Patrick Troughton
Set Designer – Fiona Auty
Stage Manager – Harri Osborne
ASM – Inara Stamp
Lighting Designer – Gary Stevenson
Sound Designer – Nick Eliot
Wardrobe – Mags Wrightson
Props – Sally Cadle
Photographer – Joe Stockwell
Videographer – James Johnson
Artistic Link – Rebecca Tarry
BAT Link – Mike Elgey

King Arthur in Space – the Panto
By Loz Keal
An old fashioned, futuristic pantomime for children of all ages
Sat 7 Dec 2019 to Sat 14 Dec 2019
Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium


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