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Last Word Festival 2018 – Georgie Jones presents ISH…

Georgie Jones presents ISH...Georgie Jones proves she’s one to watch in her debut one-woman show, ISH… Through a sporadic series of anecdotes and lessons, ISH… explores what it means to grow up as a woman and refuses to answer any of the questions it raises. From how to be sexy to the best school disco dance moves and everything in between.

From the outset, ISH… appears to possess all the attributes you’d expect from a piece of feminist theatre and yet is so much gentler and kinder in its form than first expected. Instead of attacking, Jones shares real-life experiences and feelings, never lingering too long on nastiness and always choosing to focus on the positives. That’s not to say there aren’t serious moments, but in her choice of approach, she brings a freshness to subjects that have been covered many times over. Happy memories are peppered with the more troubling experiences of growing up and it’s relatable as much on a human level as a female one.

The writing is endlessly strong, mixing beat poetry with storytelling and even the occasional nod to rap. Jones is clearly a talented writer and has an exciting grasp of language. A 90s pop and hip-hop soundtrack is used throughout, to great effect, emphasising her slick rhythms and bringing life to tales of parties and nights out. At times, the music overpowers her performance but overall it’s used to good effect and allows Jones to jump through time and place with ease.

Jones’ performance is settled and assured. She has natural stage presence and cheekiness, topped off with perfect comic-timing and some hilariously bad dance moves. She performs with a sincerity that makes her instantly likeable, an essential trait as she performs alone on a bare stage for almost an hour.

The highlight of the evening is her closing statement on what she’s learnt in life so far. From the side-splitting to the useless, with a sprinkling of wisdom mixed in; it’s a heart-warming moment of reflection.

ISH… is a charming and touching show, laced with warmth and hilarity at every turn.

5 Star Rating

Review by Dan Reeves

How do I be a woman?
How will I know if I’ve fallen in love?
What does heartbreak feel like?
What shape should my eyebrows be?
Is it bad to have pubes?
Can your virginity grow back?
What does sexy look like/feel like/act like?
Can putting a tampon in kill you?
In her debut show, Georgie Jones combines spoken word, comedy and storytelling to answer as many of these questions as she can.
She takes a break from haphazardly stumbling through adulthood to revisit first times, school discos, push up bras and waxing disasters in order to figure out the things she thought she would have known by now.

Monday 18th June
Roundhouse, Camden


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