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Pam Ann: Touch Trolley Run to Galley – Review – @lsqtheatre

Pam Ann: Touch Trolley Run to GalleyWhen I do a review, I take with me a notebook and pen to write down the plot, a piece of dialogue or in the case of a comedy show, a funny line or a joke or two to use in my review but in the case of this one for Pam Ann’s Touch Trolley Run To Galley there won’t be any quotes as Pam Ann is one of the filthiest comedians I’ve ever seen and this is a family website!

Pam Ann spares nobody from a tongue lashing whatever their ethnic background, country of origin or sexual orientation – she’s an equal opportunity insulter – and sitting in the front few rows or what Pam calls “The First Class section”, is dangerous place to be!

Pam Ann is the air hostess alter-ego of Australian comedian Caroline Reid. Her name is a play on words of the now defunct American airline Pan Am and Reid’s shtick is that Pam Ann is a throwback to the golden age of air travel and rather than being a member of the flight crew as they’re called now, she’s a proper air hostess – a trolley dolly!

The show starts with a video of Pam performing all over the world to rapturous audiences who adore her. The screen rises and Pam appears in all her campy glory – an enormous pantomime dame like 50s wig and a glamorous air hostess uniform. Her first task is to get four unsuspecting members of the audience up on stage to take the place of her missing dance troupe and become “The Spice Girls”. She interviews each one in turn and makes great fun of them and their various occupations before putting wigs on their heads and getting them to mime and dance to “Spice Up Your Life”. This is possibly the funniest section of the show as in the tradition of another Australian Dame Edna Everage, Pam has a quick wit and a sharp tongue and uses it mercilessly on her four stooges.

The first half ends and the second half begins with a film showing Pam being green-screened into video footage taken from “Great British Bake Off” where she insults the bakers and is incredibly rude to and about Paul Hollywood. In Pam’s version, it’s called “The Great British **** Off” – I’ll leave it to your imagination to fill in the blanks!

When Pam eventually appears for the second half there’s a bit of a lull and some bits that don’t quite come off but she pulls it all together with a verbal assault on some audience members including Rainee from New Zealand, and she, the country and its inhabitants are soon torn to shreds!

This is Pam’s 20th Anniversary tour so she’s built up a very loyal following and there were some members of the audience who seemed to know every word of certain sketches and shouted them out to her. Pam has a very large gay following – one of the best parts of the evening was a superb piece about gay marriage that had the audience roaring – and there was a raucous, party atmosphere throughout the show although the two bars in the auditorium may have contributed to that.

I always though Roy “Chubby” Brown was the filthiest comedian I’ve ever seen but Pam Ann makes him seem like a choirboy. Pam is lewd, rude and crude and if that appeals to you, get down to the Leicester Square Theatre before May 27th – you won’t be disappointed.

4 stars

Review by Alan Fitter

Iconic international celebrity airhostess Pam Ann has evolved since first jetting out of her hometown of Melbourne 20 years ago. Pam – the alter-ego of Australian comedian-writer-producer Caroline Reid – has developed cult status with her masterful portrayal of a brash hot mess of an Australian hostess.

She herself says as the airports got bigger, so did her ego… and her mouth filthier.
Pam’s barbed wit has seen her fly many a risky route and negotiate even the most politically incorrect flight path, with her blisteringly funny take on the world of airlines and aircrew. Nothing is out of reach of her pristine white gloves, strutting up the aisle with a trolley full of beautifully unpredictable, sharp airline satire. There’s not much Pam hasn’t seen or done – from crewing Elton John’s private jet at his express request, sharing a stadium stage on a tour of the UK with Cher, and counting Madonna in her legion of devoted fans worldwide.

Pann Ann: Touch Trolley Run To Galley – 20th Anniversary Tour
21st April to 27th May 2017


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