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Review of Natalie Palamides: Laid at Soho Theatre

Natalie Palamides Laid - Soho Theatre
Natalie Palamides Laid – Soho Theatre

Laid is a surreal, strange brand of comedy: every day a woman lays an egg and faces the decision to raise it or eat it! Co-devised by Dr Brown, Natalie Palamides is a performer with considerable talent and ease. Despite resistance from some audience members to participate when called upon, Palamides glides on through all the increasingly bizarre situations she sets up, with total charm. It’s always a pleasure to watch this degree of wit on stage.

The show is a messy one – in multiple senses – and if you’ve got any aversion to grime, this may not be the one for you. Palamides pushes the boundary of absurdity and disgust; food is flung in all directions, shaving cream, fake blood, etc. All of it is mixed and ends up everywhere. For a germophobe like me, it was seriously tough viewing.

In a bigger sense, the show rather loses any semblance of a story arc in places. While it sort of wraps up, most of the humour is designed more to test the limits of the audience than to house any more meaningful point. It’s both irrelevant and irreverent, the best kind of silliness. If you like your comedy physical and you aren’t afraid of a big dose of disgust, then this is a riot.

I have dithered back and forth on a rating for this show: on the one hand, there are so many out and out hilarious moments. On the other, there are a number of awkward moments that verge into being straight up unpleasant. Not least one of these is the final barrier broken, which I myself had to assist with. Let’s just say Natalie and I shared a moment, which I certainly wasn’t prepared for.

Natalie Palamides is a daring and sassy performer; she’s got more grit than most, and vibrantly lampoons motherhood tropes. It’s a fun way to spend an evening. Just be warned: if you’re of a squeamish disposition, don’t sit in the front row!

3 Star Review

Review Christina Carè Calgaro

Laying an egg every day, a woman faces the decision: to raise it or eat it. Natalie Palamides, LA-based comedian, Upright Citizens’ Brigade performer and Just for Laughs vet, explores motherhood with absurd dilemmas, silly routines and surreal physical comedy. A melodrama of yolks, shells and funerals – Palamides brings her playful and cunning character to life in the madness of Laid.

Co-devised and directed by Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Doctor Brown.


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