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Review of Carmen Lynch: LYNCHED at the Museum of Comedy

Carmen Lynch
Carmen Lynch

Carmen Lynch has fans in high places. With appearances on Inside Amy Schumer, The Late Show with David Letterman, Conan and @Midnight amongst others she’s establishing herself as a unique voice with a jaw-droppingly twisted take on contemporary life.

Tonight, she’s at The Museum of Comedy she’s trying out her material on her UK audience ahead of a month at The Counting House (Loft) as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The material ranges from death to dating and there are some really deep dark jokes about Plan B, religion and relationships. This is a preview night so some jokes land better than others, some go completely over our heads and some are so slow burn that I didn’t laugh until an hour later in the pub (sorry Carmen). When she hits her target it’s with an eye for the shockingly true. She dares to take her comedy to places you aren’t expecting.

Lynch has a likability and assurance to her that makes you want to follow anywhere she chooses to take the conversation. And it does feel like a conversation, just Carmen chatting with a few friends. There’s something compellingly authentic about her, fake hair flick included. Maybe it’s that she knows she’s good. There’s no bothering with the humblebrag vulnerability of many comedians. She’s relaxed and completely in command of her material.

This is fearless comedy that leaps over clichés. Even when she’s begging the audience to laugh, you feel like she doesn’t really need our approbation. She’s good. She’s cool. She’s got this. Her show runs at Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 3 rd to 27th August at 4pm as part of the Free Fringe. Absolutely worth checking out.

4 stars

Review by Roz Wyllie

In her UK debut hour LYNCHED, Carmen Lynch (The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) shares her twisted, singular stand-up comedy that frequently dips into the dark side. Childless and drug-free (but only because of her heart murmur), she’ll share her views on Jesus, giraffes, scoliosis, her Spanish mother, and very often, death.

Carmen Lynch: LYNCHED
Age: 16+
Duration: 1 Hour
20th July 2017
Museum of Comedy, London WC1A 2SR at 7pm.


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