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Review of Ideomotor at the Vault Festival London

IdeomotorAfter selling out at the London Horror Festival, Ideomotor returned for one night only at the Vault Festival, and it did not disappoint. High energy, hilarious, and just plain ridiculous, Ideomotor dealt with uncommon themes which continued to surprise throughout. Using a Ouija board to find a missing hamster sounds like an odd basis for a play, and it definitely is – but it worked.

Marketed as a “dark supernatural comedy”, there was a lot of room left for the horror elements – there was only one moment of actual fear in terms of the supernatural, and there was such a build up to it that its impact was unfortunately lessened. That said, the comedy was free flowing and incredibly entertaining, with the climax of the show – the final line – gaining uproarious laughter. The dialogue was witty and consistently funny, whilst still remaining down to earth, and there was not a single joke that fell flat.

The cast of three were very strong, and effortlessly bounced off of each other to keep the energy levels high in the small space. David Ahmad particularly stood out as the nervous and timid Charlie, who actually harboured incredibly dark secrets. Finally seeing the darker side to this character was a thrill, and perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the whole production. Brydie Lee-Kennedy and Paul Duncan McGarrity as the hippy and the cynic of the show respectively were electrifying together, with their near palpable loathing flooding the theatre.

The only thing that held them back was the rather static set, with very limited space for movement causing the pace to occasionally drop. However, in later scenes they used this to heighten the atmosphere, with the close proximity leading to tension rapidly building with nowhere to hide, turning this problem around to their advantage. Characters that initially appeared plain were revealed to have layer upon layer of personality and problems and it became thrilling to simply anticipating what would be exposed next.

Ideomotor as a whole provided an hour of great entertainment, stuffed full of hilarity and chaos. Though the subject matter is far-fetched, the dialogue and scenes flow naturally, with heightening tension creating an atmosphere which is simply brilliant to witness. This show was a real treat, and I cannot wait to see if it receives another life – much like its starring hamster.

Three and a half gold stars

Review by Grace Hans

For centuries people have used the Ouija board to help quench their thirst of the unknown:  “Is anybody there?” “What happens when we die?” “Have you seen my pet hamster?”

When Leo returns home to find his flatmates dabbling in the dark arts, it’s not long before the night takes a sinister turn. A dark supernatural comedy about contacting spirits, unlocking secrets…and a missing hamster. Sell Out Show London Horror Festival 2015. One night only.

Cast: David Ahmad, Brydie Lee-Kennedy, Paul Duncan McGarrity
Gavin J Innes: Writer & Director
Isabella Van Braeckel: Set Design & Stage Manager
Heather Doole: Technican
Ian Jackson: Sound Design


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