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Review of Where Do Little Birds Go? at the Vault Festival

Jessica Butcher as Lucy Fuller
Jessica Butcher as Lucy Fuller

Where Do Little Birds Go? is the story of the young Lucy Fuller who was, without spoiling anything, kidnapped by the Kray Twins at the age of 18 along with escaped axe-murderer Frank Mitchell.

‘Little Birds’ takes a good 10 minutes to hit its stride, I was honestly terrified this one-woman show was going to be a fairly weakly sung musical, but once Camilla Whitehill’s debut full-length, one-woman play gets going, the pace rarely falters. The story of young Lucy is sensitively portrayed by Jessica Butcher, from her doe-eyed beginnings to the woman she became, Butcher’s performance is utterly captivating.

Not only is this play an interesting and important story to tell, it’s also incredibly relevant to many stories you hear in the news today. The Kray Twin’s hold over London in the 1960s has rarely been shown from the victim’s perspective and seeing how they groom her to become the woman they kidnap, you see just how normal a girl Lucy Fuller was.

This young company, directed by Sarah Meadows have created a story, beautifully and deftly told in little over and hour in which has a lot of potential as it embarks on a tour with plans for the fringe. It worked well in its minimalistic setting, although I must say I would love to see it taking place in a real grubby old pub watching as Lucy’s dreams begin to fade.

The production could do with a little tightening and a little more creative experimentation, but I have no doubt, with the heart and backing this show has been given by Duck Down Theatre, it will develop into something extremely powerful.

Performed as part of the Vault Festival, I fully expect this festival to become the prime pre-Fringe testbed of the next few years. A wonderfully creative environment to grow a new show in.

4 stars

Review By Isabella Van Braeckel

Where Do Little Birds Go?
Cast: Jessica Butcher as Lucy Fuller
Written by Camilla Whitehill
Directed by Sarah Meadows
Produced by Hannah Durose
Designed by Justin Nardella
Lighting Design by Alex Hopkins
A co-production between Duckdown Theatre and Heavy Weather Theatre

Tuesday 10th February 2015


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