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Review of Wheel of Misfortune at the Brick Lane Theatre Festival

Wheel Of MisfortuneThere is something about getting pleasure out of someone’s misfortune that audiences love. Perhaps it’s because we’ve all had our bad luck moments or maybe we’re just bad people. Either way, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to pass up the chance to see this evening of disastrous storms!

Monorogue’s Wheel of Misfortune is a game show that opens up the floor for some very misfortunate people who tell their catastrophic tales. With two hosts who both would much rather be off working somewhere else and a guest list of people who haven’t had the luckiest of days, this silly game show has a puddle of tears for anyone willing to tell their pitiful stories.

The hour is essentially broken down into seven monologues that use the game show concept as a way to move the show along. Due to the game show presentation, it wasn’t very easy to have much empathy for the characters. The pacing was very quick, and it felt like all the actors rushed through their stories. It would be easy to get lost in a story if by chance one looked away for a second.

The fun aspect of this show was the variety of silly and misfortunate characters. The unlikeliest of events was that of “Squits” written and performed by Angela Harvey.

This story not only featured some serious unfortunate events in a nurses life, but also Harvey was so lovable that it was heart-breaking to hear her sad story. Another sad tale was Michael Luke Walsh’s “There’s Something About Sarah”. He set the scene of a sweet, awkward man pining for the love of his life. Unfortunately for him, some dates went terribly wrong! Both of these actors’ attitudes and approaches on stage quickly made it easier to love them, unlike some of the other characters who were a bit cold.

If you enjoy laughing at someone else’s pain, then Wheel of Misfortune is the show for you! Its humorous stories are a delight and the silly game show taking place in the background keeps the show moving. Wheel of Misfortune has a short run at the Brick Lane Theatre Festival, so hop on over for quick hour of schadenfreude!

3 Star Review

Review by Aly Chromy

Monorogue presents
Wheel of Misfortune
20 – 22 June 2017
Brick Lane Theatre Festival
91-95 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
Running Time: 60 minutes, no interval


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