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Silent Wings at Bath Fringe Festival – Review

Silent WingsSilent Wings maybe one of the exciting pieces of new writing I have seen. A thought-provoking, powerful, moving and intense piece of theatre. This piece of new writing that was staged at The Bath Fringe Festival demonstrated real talent.

As the audience walk in we see 4 actors sat on stools beautifully lit, this one-act play tells the story of 4 children living their lives in a Jewish Concentration camp. Based on four poems written by children in the camps we see these young people growing up, discovering relationships and having to fend for themselves. But while all of this is going on a young boy is holding a secret in the form of butterfly eggs, a boy full of knowledge it is his duty to act as protector, these butterfly eggs holding a glimpse of the future in their destructive present.

A talented young cast of four all portraying their characters with beautiful vulnerability and strength. Although these actors were young adults their portrayal of children was incredible, acting with real truth, heart and naivety, this was a captivating piece of story telling and I commend all actors for their beautiful portrayals of such wonderful characters.

New writer Daisy Jorgensen with a clear talent writes a powerful story intertwining her own words with words from the original poems. The poems used during scene transitions high lighting the drama and intensity of the piece.
High praise needs to go to musical writer Roy Page who wrote a score so moving and beautiful it acted as a five character to the piece. Combining haunting cello tones with melodic piano the music gave the piece another voice.
Scott Rogers’ direction was clear, concise and using young Jorgensen’s words they formed a truly wonderful and perfect bond. Playing truth to the realism of the situation and not over dramatising the piece for audience or personal benefit.

A show, that like a butterfly, needs to be given the opportunity to spread its wings and continue to fly. An innovative piece of theatre that deserves much more than a fringe run, a piece of theatre with real heart and which I am sure will have an exciting future. A beautiful and well-presented piece of theatre.

5 Star Rating

Review by Paul Toulson

Silent Wings
A new play by Daisy Jorgensen
Directed by Scott Rogers
at The Bath Fringe Festival


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