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Skydiver: A Dance-Theatre Journey Through the Skies

Presented at Wimbledon’s glorious Polka Theatre, Skydiver is a sensitively choreographed 45-minute dance presentation for the very young, conceived and directed by Xenia Aidonopoulou, who also created Underwater, a similarly entrancing production seen at the Polka in autumn 2022.

Skydiver. Photo credit Rosie Powell.
Skydiver. Photo credit Rosie Powell.

As the audience enters the Polka’s intimate Adventure Theatre, the lights are low. Through a cloud-like veil, silhouetted figures can be discerned, drifting slowly across the stage. After an unnecessary but brief announcement which, given the lighting, slightly unsettles the young audience, the veil falls away to reveal a simple but effective cloudscape, designed by Alison Alexander. Two captivating dancers, Lydia Walker and Yu-Chien Cheng, float-glide-fly through the clouds in four sequences, linked by Jonny Pilcher’s atmospheric music. The first sequence is a little too long – some young minds begin to drift – but the second and the third, in which the dancers manipulate small paper birds and butterflies, are truly delightful. The show returns to the clouds and a gentle storm that adds a little drama.

While there are longueurs, Skydiver is a charming and wonder-filled introduction to contemporary dance for three and four-year-olds.

3 Star Review

Review by Louis Mazzini

Prepare to soar through the fluffy clouds where flocks of birds and butterflies flutter. Explore the dream-like world that waits above us, in this multi-sensory dance experience for families.

Age range 3-5 yrs
1st May – 5th May 2024


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