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The Caucasian Chalk Circle – Lazarus Theatre Company

The Caucasian Chalk CircleFans of Lazarus Theatre will not be disappointed by this strong production – which bears all of the hallmarks of a Lazarus Theatre production, which may be seen as strong ensemble work, imaginative physicality and the addition of musical elements and like all Lazarus productions – it aims high!

The Caucasian Chalk Circle was written in 1944 while Brecht was living in the United States. It was originally championed by and translated from its original German text by the highly influential British critic and writer Eric Bentley.

The Causation Chalk Circle is a clear and celebrated example of Brecht’s notion of ‘epic theatre’ and is in fact, a ‘play within a play’, set in Georgia. It is a parable about the nature of love – Brecht also considers justice and its relationship to love. This is a play with big themes!

Ricky Dukes – the artistic director/ director of The Caucasian Chalk Circle offers an insight into the rehearsal process and its artistic aims – “Throughout the process we have insisted that we (the company ) interrogate not only the play but the world around us.

Do not expect to see a traditional staging of The Caucasian Chalk Circle from Lazarus Theatre, do expect to see a production well within the ‘spirit’ of Brecht, a production that will remind you of what truly great writing is and what it is to see actors who are both committed and take risks.

I fully recommend this production – I urge performing arts courses to take advantage of the group bookings’ system at Greenwich Theatre and go and see this production – don’t read about Brecht when you can see his work!

I was so impressed by all of the performances of these talented actors I found it difficult to single out any particular actor for special mention as all were in my view excellent – however, that said and upon much reflection there are two actors I feel I should mention: Actor 8 Owen Pullar who was inventive, witty and skilled and Actor 3 Lakesha Cammock who was committed both physically and vocally – both were utterly watchable throughout.

This is, without a doubt an ‘actors’ production – the skill and enthusiasm of this fine cast are evident and the energy generated from the stage rubs off on the audience – I left the theatre feeling uplifted.

I have no doubt in giving this production 5 stars! I leave you the reader/ audience member with the words of Artistic Director of Lazarus Theatre Ricky Dukes “We put to you that ‘Change is Hope’ and ask at every stage of the journey – what would you do?

5 Star Rating

Review by Michael Moor

A girl must make a choice… to take the child and run, or leave him behind in the fury of civil war.
Brecht’s thrilling and revolutionary play follows a young girl who makes the biggest decision of her life. Set against the back-drop of war and mutiny, Grusha seeks refuge and asylum.

Her crime: saving the son of the fleeing establishment. Her reward, The Caucasian Chalk Circle. This inventive ensemble production draws on Brecht’s pioneering techniques and thrilling text, set to an original score. Our 2016 ★★★★★ production returns after a sell-out run for a limited 7 performances only.

Lazarus is an award-winning Theatre Company, re-imagining and revitalising classic text for a contemporary audience.

Dates 28th March – 1st April 2017
The Greenwich Theatre
PRESS AND OPENING NIGHT 29th March at 7.30pm

Actor 1: Grusha – Colette O’Rourke
Actor 2: Simon – Robert Metson
Actor 3: Aniko / Old Peasant / Woman – Lakesha Cammock
Actor 4: Nanny / Fat Peasant – Elizabeth Appleby
Actor 5: The Governor’s Wife / Mother-in-law / Ludovica – Carly Thoms
Actor 6: Adjutant / Inn keeper – Samuel J Weir
Actor 7: Governor / Nephew – George Howard
Actor 8: Azdak / Monk / Corporal – Owen Pullar
Actor 9: Jessup / Shauva – David Thackeray
Actor 10: Fat Prince / Lavrenti / Irakli – Tom Woodward

Incorporated roles
Actor 1 Girl Tractor Driver / Grusha –
Actor 2 Singer / Simon –
Actor 3 Tractor Woman / Aniko / Old Peasant / Younger Lady / Merchant Woman –
Actor 4 Peasant Woman (left) / Nanny / Fat Peasant –
Actor 5 The Governor’s Wife / Mother-in-law / Ludovica / Older Lady –
Actor 6 Expert / Adjutant / Inn keeper / First Soldier –
Actor 7 Old Man (right) / Governor / Nephew / Refugee / Second Man –
Actor 8 Wounded Soldier / Azdak / Monk / Corporal –
Actor 9 Soldier Kato / Jessup / Shauva / First Man –
Actor 10 Old Man (left) / Fat Prince / Lavrenti / Irakli –

Written by Bertolt Brecht, translated by Frank McGuinness
Adapted and Directed by Ricky Dukes
Designed by Sorcha Corcoran
Lighting Design by Stuart Glover
Costume Design by Rachel Dingle
New Songs and Sound Design by Neil McKeown
New Songs by Bobby Locke
Assistant Director – Hannah Boland Moore
Production Manager – Ina Berggren
Stage Manager – Charlotte Rachel Louise Cooper
Deputy Stage Manager – Ludwig Meslet
Associate Producer – Gavin Harrington-Odedra
Associate Director – Sara Reimers


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