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Three Unrelated Short Plays at Theatre N16 – Review

Three Unrelated Short PlaysBlank Tin Productions’ show Three Unrelated Short Plays pulls together the writing and producing talent of this company to bring exactly that – Three short plays that are unrelated. For the most part. They are short and the plots different but there does seem to be a theme of drinking a lot and then waking up in unusual situations. It works though.

The pace and energy of all three plays are strong, if not a little excessive in places. But the comedy is good, with the audience having no qualms about laughing out loud and doing so naturally.

James Messer is the writer, and actor, and he has done a great job. The subject matter is random, but that’s the sort of thing they are aiming for; it’s a bit more interesting than naturalistic themes anyway.

Messer is also a director, along with Will Jeffs (also actor) and Oliver Malam. The show is well staged and well-rehearsed, and the characters believable despite their bizarre situations.

The weaker of the three plays was the final one, Who The **** Is Dr Deathzo? – incidentally the only one that acknowledged they were actors performing in a Fringe theatre which didn’t feel necessary. At times it seemed to be trying too hard to be funny, but there were moments of genuine comedy that lifted the whole thing.

The format of the three plays interspersed with staged ‘distractions’ from scene changes worked well overall, and it was nice to have the changing acknowledged rather than just hidden and accepted.

Caricatures of people are often difficult to pull off in this sense, but was achieved. Dan Thorn and Messer did a very good job of the easy going/stressed out double act in the first play, The Stuttgart Syndrome; Elle Banstead-Salim played the typical Essex girl well and Jimmy Roye Dunne captures his characters’ puzzlement and apprehension nicely.

Jeffs in his acting role, along with James McClelland, and Abe Buckoke all give strong performances too that should be praised. A highlight overall was the second play, One Scotch, with the timing and rapport between the three boys (Buckoke, Jeffs, McClelland) well-built and slick.

Overall, a very funny show which is everything you would expect from its name. The company don’t take themselves seriously and it is nice to see some good strong new writing and the talents and team work of these performers.

4 stars

Review by H Hemming

New comedy theatre company Blank Tin Productions present their debut show; “Three Unrelated Short Plays”.
The show consists of three 20 minute plays, each depicting a series of absurd situations with larger than life characters whose minds run off on all manner of bizarre tangents, each stranger and more unrelated than the last. From musing on the definition of a kidnapper whilst being locked in some bloke’s basement to what it might be like to actually meet God or to the regret that Super Villains have the day after evilly destroying a city, this show promises the weird and guarantees the unexpected.

Each play is directed by a different director in order to make the night as varied as possible and there is a company of 7 actors with not one play having an identical cast.

Running at Theatre N16 from the 12th-16th of February @ 8pm
Directed by Will Jeff, James Messer & Oliver Malam


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